I’m proud to be a hairy girl – people judge me but my armpits feel lonely without it | The Sun

A MAKEUP artist who went viral for her long armpit hair admits she feels "lonely" without it.

Stunning Anthea Persaud, a Canadian content creator who runs Wing It Beauty, is known for her glamorous social media persona.

But she shocked followers after sharing a video showing the results of her refusal to shave her underarms.

Now the brunette has vowed to keep growing it out to raise questions over people’s unfair body standards for women.

She says: "In the past I would shave my armpits multiple times a week which left behind dark hyperpigmentation on my armpits.

"In the last couple of years, I decided to make the switch to waxing.

"In order to wax, you need to have a bit of longer growth for the wax to grip onto.

"There was something about seeing even a few centimetres of growth that made me want to stick it out and let it keep growing, just to see how long I could really get it.

"The second time I grew it out, it took multiple months to get it to the length it was and that’s when I filmed the video.

"If I’m able to grow them out, I definitely will.

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"I’m a fan of my long armpit hair and my armpits feel a little lonely without it."

Anthea previously spoke about the negative comments she faced due to her decision.

She said: "I've never in my life seen a woman with this much armpit hair in all my years on this earth, I’m posting this online for others to see that it's normal.

“As a woman who is typically all dolled up from head to toe, I think that definitely added to the shock factor.

“I think people expected me to be hairless at all times, but hey, I’m human too. That was another reason I wanted to show my armpit hair online.

“An outwardly glamorous woman can also have body hair – we are multidimensional beings; we can have both.

“I think that in our westernised society, there are certain beauty norms that we have been following for years without question.

“Body hair has been labelled as masculine for as long as I can remember. With being hairless on the other end, as feminine.

“Being hairless requires a lot of work and upkeep for women. The amount of negative comments I got on my video was alarming to say the least.

“People were not accepting of my armpit hair, even though it was on my body.

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"That just goes to show how jarring it is for someone to see armpit hair on a woman, which to me is outrageous because it is something that is natural.

“In the media, we never see women showing off armpit hair or any body hair for that matter, and that sets the stage for young women to aspire to look like.”

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