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A GLAM mum gave birth wearing false eyelashes, stick-on nails and a £300 wig and even took a pair of high heels into hospital to leave in style with her new baby.

Raven Dixon-Biggs, 28, prides herself on being a glamorous mum to son Remington, two.

She spends hours doing her make-up to do the nursery run and says other mums feel "threatened" because she gets dolled up to drop off her little boy.

The single mum said she has always loved getting glammed up – and her motto is "look good, feel good."

When she went into labour on December 1, 2020, Raven was determined to look and feel her best.

She donned a brand-new £300 wig, false eyelashes, false nails and a full face of make-up.

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Raven says she was in labour feeling her "absolute best" – and was spurred on during contractions by taking a glance at herself in the mirror.

In true 'glam mum' fashion, she spends two hours doing her make-up, choosing her outfit and fixing her hair before taking her son to nursery.

Raven reckons some mums feel "threatened" by her dolled-up looks during the nursery run first thing each day – but says she'll "never change".

She said she "would rather die" than be seen wearing wearing joggers, a messy bun and a makeup-free face to pick up her son.

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Raven, who does agency work as an NHS bank administrator, from Sandwell, Birmingham, said: "I've always been very glam, and I take two hours to get ready, put on my wig, and do my make-up.

"I didn't wake up one day and think I wanted to be a glam mum. I knew I would be that, because it's how I am.

"When I went to give birth, I got completely ready. I put on full make-up and a brand new wig.

"Why shouldn't I look good just because I'm about to be a mum? I looked my best while giving birth and it was the most liberating time of my life.

"When I take my son to nursery or soft-play, I make an effort – even if some mums feel threatened when another woman is wearing false lashes at 9.30am.

When I went to give birth, I got completely ready. I put on full make-up and a brand new wig

"People think because I've become a mother, my entire existence on the planet should be to be a mum – but I'm still me.

"Why would I stop wearing makeup because I've had a child – I'll need it more."

Raven – who worked as a customer account manager before becoming a mum – found out she was pregnant in April 2020.

She said she'd always been very glamorous and loved getting her hair and nails done and putting on a full face of make-up – and knew it wouldn't change after having a baby.

She said: "People think I became glam when I decided to have a baby, but I was like it anyway."

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As the date of her baby's birth – a planned induction – loomed, she began preparing her hospital bag.

Unlike some mums, her 22kg suitcase was stuffed full of hair straighteners, hair crimpers, several outfits, her entire make-up bag, and even HIGH HEELS.

When she went to give birth at Birmingham City Hospital, West Midlands, on December 1, 2020, she dolled herself up to look her absolute best.

She wore a full face of make-up including false eyelashes, a brand new wig costing £300, and custom-made false nails.

Raven said she looked her best as she headed in – adhering to her motto "look good, feel good".

Ahead of her contractions she was taking selfies with her then-boyfriend – and said knowing she looked the part helped her stay motivated during active labour.

Raven said: "When I was having contractions, whenever I passed the mirror to go to the toilet, I would take a glance.

The midwife did compliment me and say I looked fabulous after birth

"I would see myself and remember who the f*** I am, and it reminded me to keep pushing.

"Sometimes you just have to put your glam on and get on with it."

She added: "The midwife did compliment me and say I looked fabulous after birth.

"I had my brand new River Island cardigan on, and when she came in, I was straightening my hair."

Since having Remington, she has stuck to her motto – and still glams herself up every day.

She even wears full make-up and false eyelashes to drop her son off at nursery or take him to the soft play centre.

Raven said she sometimes struggles to make 'mum friends' because she feels some mums are hostile to her for how she looks and dresses.

Unfortunately, a lot of mums feel threatened when another woman looks attractive at 9.30am wearing false eyelashes

She said: "Some people have got the wrong perspective on it.

"Unfortunately, a lot of mums feel threatened when another woman looks attractive at 9.30am wearing false eyelashes."

But despite what people might think about her, Raven said she will "never change" her ways.

She added: "Looking good gave me a sense of empowerment during pregnancy and birth.

"In life, my glam is my armour – dressing and looking glam makes me feel empowered and like myself.

"You make so many sacrifices when you become a parent, you've already sacrificed your body you shouldn't have to sacrifice your identity too.

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"That's what I do when I have no motivation for life – I remember 'put your glam on and it'll be fine'.

"If you look good, you will feel good."

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