I'm such a good catfish people call me a shapeshifter and can't believe my 'after' is the same person | The Sun

THE power of make-up is undeniable, but one beauty fan's skills have left people wondering if her 'after' look is even her.

Valeria Voronina has made a name for herself online thanks to her incredible transformation videos and the latest is her best yet.

Posting a clip on her TikTok account (@vornonin_valeria_) the so-called catfish started the video looking bare faced and natural.

Her curly locks loosely pulled back from her face and wearing an oversized blue fleece – Valeria doesn't immediately look like the sort of person who has amassed 4.5 million followers online.

But in the second half of the viral video the stunner looks totally unrecognisable.

Switching her natural look for a mega glam one, viewers were convinced she wasn't even the same person.


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The beauty fan added a smoky black eyeshadow, pink lip gloss,plenty of bronzer and highlighter and false lashes to complete her epic transformation.

She also changed from her old fleece to a white shirt with a bow tie and blingy earrings.

Her locks also looked luscious and bouncy after her transformation, totally different to the mousey tresses she previously sported.

The dramatic before and after wowed viewers but thought the so-called catfish wasn't being totally honest.

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One person theorised: "They're two different people not to break it to you all."

But a second defended: "Look at her other videos and you'll see the angles of where her features are kind of the same, it's all the angle of the camera."

Meanwhile, other TikTok users begged Valeria to share how she does her make-up.

"I need to know exactly how you did your make-up because just wow," one wrote.

And another said: "This is some next level makeup expertise, we can create entirely new faces now? Who needs to catfish?"

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