I’m the Queen of Clean – how to get your grimey BBQ spotless in 30 minutes using products already in your cupboard

THE SUN is out and it’s boiling hot outside, so that means one thing – it’s time to get your BBQ out.

But, if like many of us, you haven’t used your BBQ since last summer, it’s probably covered in grease and grime.

If your BBQ has seen better days, you’ve come to the right place.

The Queen of Clean, aka Lynsey Crombie, is here to share her simple tips for getting your greasy BBQ spotless.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing away at the racks – thanks to Lyynsey, here’s how you can get your BBQ ready for cooking in just 30 minutes.

Lynsey told Fabulous: “If you haven’t cleaned your BBQ in a while, use an oven cleaner on the grills.

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“I recommend the Astonish Oven Grill cleaner – or you can use a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar. 

“Leave to soak for 30 minutes and then rinse with your garden hose for that extra power and to get into awkward places that a brush won’t fit into. 

“Use paper towels with good absorbency to dry and then clean again using warm soapy water.”

Once you do this, your BBQ will be ready to be loaded with bugers, sausages and chicken galore.

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But don’t stop there – following your lovely afternoon BBQ, make sure you follow the below steps to ensure your BBQ is ready to be used the next time.

Lynsey advised: “Make sure you leave the BBQ to cool for a good half an hour before you start to give it a clean as we don’t want any nasty burns.

“If you have a coal BBQ, never throw water over the coals and when they have cooled pour them into a rubbish bag and rinse out the tray using your outside tap.

“Take outside a nice bowl of warm soapy water and a BBQ Brush.


“Leave the soapy water on the BBQ grills for a few minutes to allow it time to work and lift the grease.

“Whilst your grills are soaking, take the BBQ tools inside and pop these in the dishwasher.

“Once soaked, you can use your hard brush to get rid of those stubborn bits of food stuck to the grate, and brush until completely clean. Now all you need to do is leave this outside to dry, and the hard work is done!

“Always then wipe over any side bits and the lid.

“Pop the lid on and buff with a stainless steel cleaner and then cover straight away using a BBQ cover if you have one.”

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With these tips, you’ll be ready to get your burgers cooking in no time! 

If you want to know more cleaning tips, follow Lynsey Queen of Clean on Instagram.

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