I’m trolled for my ‘controversial tattoos’ but it’s just because I’m fat – people claim I’m trying to ‘hide’ my rolls | The Sun

TROLLS accuse this tattoo fan of choosing her ink for all the wrong reasons.

But she insists she's not using her "controversial" tattoos to hide anything – and has pictures to prove it.

In a TikTok video, the woman, who uses the handle @fattatsbackup instead of her name, got real with viewers.

Being covered in tattoos results in trolling comments about specific designs or locations, she said.

"I get the most hate comments about my throat tattoo," the woman revealed. She tilted her head up slightly to show the complex design.

"I'm 100 percent sure it's because I'm fat," she continued. "I have a short neck and a fat face."

She said trolls accuse her of trying to "hide" her double chin underneath the ink.

But they're missing a major component of the story, she said.

"Before I got my throat tattooed, I literally got zero comments about my 'double chin' or my 'fat face,'" she said.

If anything, the tattoo "draws more attention" – her throat is now one of the most-commented upon parts of her body.

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The tattooed mom is a fat positivity advocate, so the comments aim to get a rise out of her, she understands they simply aren't true.

"People that are trying to be positive say, 'Oh, I never thought about getting my double chin tattooed to hide it!'" she added.

But "it doesn't change the shape of your face," so the ink definitely isn't meant to be camouflage.

"Here I am before I had my throat tattooed," she said, using the greenscreen effect to show an old photo of herself.

"I was pretty much the same weight I am now," she said, adding that her face looked about the same. "It doesn't change your face shape."

Her throat tattoo is just one in a collection of several custom, permanent pieces of art.

"I got it for the same reason anybody gets their throat tattooed," she explained.

"I have lots of tattoos, and I like being tattooed," she said. "That's it."

She added that she loves and embraces her body, and while others may think she's trying to "hide," that's definitely not the case.

"I'm not ashamed to have a fat face," she said. "I have a fat body. I'm fat from head to toe."

The neck tattoo is one of her favorites – it was one of her "bucket list" tattoo locations for years.

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And aside from the trolls, other people love the tattoo, especially fellow ink-lovers.

"I get compliments on it all the time, and the people who post hate comments just don't understand," she said.

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