Ink-mad dad ‘tattoos’ daughter with a full sleeve and leg piece to see how many it takes to get her booted out of school | The Sun

AN INK-MAD dad is trying to see how many temporary tattoos it takes to get his daughter kicked out of school.

Mason took to TikTok to share a video of himself applying an elaborate sleeve piece to his little girl's arm, after also covering her leg in a similar design.

"How many tattoos does it take to get kicked out of school?" he wrote over the top.

After applying the sleeve to her arm and using water to transfer it to the skin, he removed the paper, to which his daughter exclaimed "Oh my Gosh!" upon seeing her arm.

"Now you've got your arm tattoo and you've got your leg tattoo," he gushed, while his little girl posed to show off the inkings.

Mason added in the caption that his daughter's school is actually accepting of her temporary tattoos, writing: "Just know… the school actually loves us."

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"For my daughter's 7th birthday she had a Chelsea cut and temporary tattoos," one person commented on the video.

"She looked badass – all the girls wanted to be her!

"She's 22 now and tatted!"

"Coolest temporary tattoos we’ve ever seen!" another added.

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"She’s gotta be the coolest person in her grade," a third commented.

"Where do you get her temp ones from I need them for my kiddos?" someone else asked.

"She’s gonna be the coolest girl in school!" another comment read.

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