I've changed my kid’s name TWICE already – I keep doing it, my family must think I’m totally unhinged | The Sun

A MUM has revealed she's already changed her tot's name twice despite the baby being just three-and-a-half months old.

Picking the perfect name for your child is never an easy task – but despite giving birth almost four months ago, one mum still hasn't found the one for her daughter.

The anonymous parent, who shared the baby name dilemma on Reddit, explained that currently the moniker is Lucia, however, she was keen to change it to Juliette.

Sharing the story, the mum wrote in the post: ''I just don’t love the sound of Lucia and fear saddling with the burden of correcting pronunciation.

''I thought my name regret would lessen, but it has only gotten worse.

''It’s become an obsession and most waking moments are spent regretting my choice.''


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But despite this, she was certain of one thing – she will be ''uncomfortable'' with either decision, whether that's keeping the current moniker or ditching it.

The mum also explained she was fearing the reaction from her family, who would think the couple was treating their baby ''like an object''.

''It has been made worse that when we announced to family, we used another name (Louisa).

''Only to change it before signing the birth certificate.''

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She said: ''My husband was getting cold feet and I was went along being 24 hours postpartum. I should have known that choosing a name not on our lists at the time was the wrong thing to do.

''This just sounds like we are totally unhinged people.''

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According to the parent, the name Juliette carries a sentimental meaning, as her late mother's name was Judy Elliott – and Juliette is a mash-up of the two.

Her partner, luckily, is ''totally supportive'' in the decision, insisting he loved the new name.

But with all the support. the mum was desperate for advice, as she didn't know where to go from here.

''Do I make a post on social media? Just feel so exposed and embarrassed.

''A big part of me just wants to stick with her name and be done with it – it will grow into her once she develops a distinct personality.

''My husband thinks if the only thing stopping the change is fear of what other people may think, it’s something we should push through.''

In his eyes, they will soon find another ''silly'' thing someone else has done – and will then forget about the name drama.

Close to 200 fellow Reddit users flocked to comments to share their opinion, where many pushed for the name change.

''I’d announce with a lightness to it, don’t do a rambling apology – you don’t owe anyone that,'' one reminded.

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Meanwhile, someone else reckoned: ''Could you just start calling her Juliette and see how that fits and feels? If it feels right, then go through with the name change?''

''Just do it. Your daughter won't know. And when she's old enough to know it's a GREAT party story for two truths and a lie,'' another said.

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