I've got the perfect hack to prevent sweaty boobs – it’s so easy people can't believe they haven't thought of it before

HAVING a big bust can come with a handful of problems.

From bad backs to ill-fitting clothes, the list can be endless.

But if one of your biggest problems is suffering from sweaty boobs, there's no need to worry any longer – as one woman has revealed the perfect hack to answer all your prayers.

Emma, who is from Wales, took to TikTok and shared a short video where she can be seen with a Mitchum roll on deodorant in hand.

In the clip, she then explains: "I don't know what woman needs to see this but one of the mums pointed out yesterday that she hated it when she gets sweat in between your boobs."

"I told that I don't get this but then I realised that when I get a roll on – I like the gel one better – I do under the first arm, then I go under the boob, right up the middle and then under the boob."


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Then I'm all protected for the day…so I don't get sweaty boob crack."

Emma captioned the post: "Just my littlelife hack for y’all."

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And social media users were quick to take to the comments section, with many branding the hack "genius."

"Why the hell have I never thought of this.." enthused one.

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A second praised: "Omg, this is gonna change my life!"

A third added: "Why have I never…genius…"

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Meanwhile, another agreed: "That is genius."

Elsewhere, a further admitted: When I was a teen I used get sweaty hands. So I used gel deodorant as moisturiser. Worked well!"

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