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SIDE hustle is the buzz phrase of 2023 with people all over social media claiming to make hundreds extra a month away from their main job.

But one woman claims that her side hustle has trumped her full-time job as it brings in £3k a month, far more than her salary.

Beth Harries flogs second-hand clothes and accessories for premium prices using Faar Collective, on Depop, the e-commerce platform.

Devoting up to 20 hours a week to her side hustle with pal Agne Ivanauskaite, the pair scour eBay for bargain buys they can sell on for a profit on their own shop.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Beth, 26, explains that she had certain hacks to guarantee her items get sold.

She says: “The shop currently has 255 items listed and we typically update each item 8 or 9 times a day, so that it’s one of the first pages people see when they visit Depop.”

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While Beth says she does devote a lot of time to her hobby, she never sees it as work.

“It’s a creative outlet where we decide how we want things to look and so we don’t have to conform to a big company’s way of doing things,” she adds.

“The fact that I run the side hustle with one of my best friends also makes the experience much more enjoyable and rewarding.”

Both Beth and Agne graduated with a degree in fashion branding and marketing, from Birmingham City University, in the spring of 2020 which lent itself to to their side-hustle.

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“Straight after we graduated, lockdown struck,” Beth says.

“We started Faar Collective in late 2020 to keep busy and make an additional income through fashion.” 

Within a few hours of going live with their online shop they sold their first item – a white vintage linen blazer.

The blazer was purchased for a fiver on ebay and sold for £45 on Depop, a feat Beth described as a “little win”.

Beth and Agne have enjoyed many little wins since that first sale and by the end of July they reached a milestone with total sales of 1,000 items.

“There are days when we sell five or six items a day and days when we sell items every other day, which is what we do as a minimum,” she explains.

“The business is very steady, with peak sales during the summer and in December.”

Beth says that one of the main factors in their success is that they have attracted plenty of repeat custom with their passion for sustainability making them stand out.

“We try to avoid buying and selling fast fashion items that will last just a year,” said Beth.

“For us cheap fabrics such as polyester are a no no!”

Incentives drive sales among existing customers and bring in new customers too.

Beth says: “If someone has bought something from us, we give then ten percent off and if they tag us on Instagram, wearing, say a dress bought from us we give them another ten percent off their next purchase, as tagging is a good way to attract new customers to our business.”

Commitment and passion are paying off for Beth and Agne, as the business regularly enjoys sales of up to £3,000 a month on top of her salary from her day job in marketing.

She adds: “It is though additional income that has given me freedom, as I’m not just reliant on my nine to five salary, but able to spend and save money that I wouldn’t ordinarily have in my bank account.”

Beth’s goal for the next six months is to grow the number of items on Faar Collective.

The ultimate goal though is to open a physical shop, while retaining a strong presence on Depop.

For anyone who would love to build a side hustle, Beth offered this sound advice: “Do something that you genuinely enjoy. 

“If you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing it will reflect in the results that you see.”

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In a poll undertaken by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, 54% of young professionals expressed a desire for a ‘portfolio career’–the concept of monetising your skills in several ways and having multiple income sources, rather than a single job at one company.

In fact, 53 per cent of young workers have stated that flexible hours and a hybrid working environment is a must when looking for a job – otherwise it will impact their side-hustle.

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