I’ve worked at a grooming salon for 3 years – 5 dog breeds I don’t recommend, the third is ‘disgusting and smelly’ | The Sun

AN ANIMAL lover revealed the five dogs she wouldn't bring into her home, and her reasons for avoiding them have nothing to do with safety or training.

For the most part, this former groomer said she's avoiding "smelly" breeds that require specialty care services.

On her TikTok page, a user who goes by Jozadak (@jozadak) reminisced on her days at a grooming salon.

There, she learned some of the most "beautiful" dogs were also the most high-maintenance, she said in a video.

After working at a grooming salon for three years, Jozadak's opinions were set in stone.

First, she showed a photo of a gorgeous German shepherd behind her.

"These are beautiful dogs," she began. "I love German shepherds." But she said they weren't worth the shedding.

"You will be eating fur for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," the dog expert explained. "Just washing this dog will clog your bathtub."

Most people who brought their German shepherds to the salon for grooming hadn't done a good job of maintaining the animals' fur.

"Either you're doing it poorly or you're not doing it well enough," Jozadak said. "I don't recommend it and I wouldn't do it."

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She warned that another common breed, huskies, also shed far too much, but she also had a personal problem with the breed.

"You guys are going to hate me," she said, bracing herself to share the controversial opinion.

"I live in Florida," she explained. "If you live in the south or anywhere there's a lot of heat, you should not get this dog."

That opinion may prevent a large swath of the population from adopting huskies, but the content creator stood by it.

She also said bulldogs are a no-go, for a surprisingly gross reason.

"There's nothing wrong with these dogs," she said. "They're great, lovable dogs."

Then, she pointed up at the photo of the bulldog's signature feature.

"You see all those creases in his face, the wrinkles?" she asked. "You need to clean that."

She went into detail, talking about the "disgusting" things she'd seen as a groomer.

"You need to open them up, go in there with a rag and water and clean them out," she insisted.

Otherwise, your dog can get sick, or simply stink.

"It smells, it's green," she recalled. "There's stuff in there that shouldn't be in there."

Cocker spaniels are also a challenge to clean, though they don't have facial wrinkles or severe shedding from thick fur.

"Listen. These are show dogs," she said. "They're lovely."

But they also suffer from a certain illness quite frequently.

"They're so prone to ear infections," the creator said. "Every time a cocker spaniel walked through the door, I knew he had ear issues and I was always right."

Like a bulldog's face, a cocker spaniel's ears can also be unpleasant to take care of.

"It gets disgusting under there and it smells so bad," she said. "It's hard to clean. If you can't do it, don't get it."

The final breed on her list was another one she had a personal vendetta against.

"I don't care if you have the most wonderful chihuahua in the world," the creator said. They're just too annoying for her.

"For some reason, they're the most aggressive," she said. The size of the dogs and the outsize aggression were obnoxious to her.

She did make a sarcastic quip about the one thing chihuahuas are good at.

"They're perfect for tripping over," she said snarkily.

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