Kate Middleton & William's 3ft wedding cake was SO big a palace door was removed to fit it in & the Queen was not amused

KATE Middleton and Prince William’s 2011 wedding was one of the most lavish ceremonies to have taken place in the UK.

Of course their 3ft wedding cake was also an extravagant display, and was so big that a door at Buckingham Palace had to be removed to fit it in.

On ITV’s The Day Will and Kate Got Married, the wedding cake creator, Fiona Cairns, revealed the Queen was not amused at the palace being deconstructed.

The pastry chef recalled: “I was told that Her Majesty would be coming through the door at the top of the picture gallery to chat at midday.

“So no pressure of course, having never built this cake before. 

“When the Queen came to see us, the cake wasn’t completely finished. I can remember her saying ‘I hear that you’ve been dismantling my house.’

“I said to her, ‘well we had to take a door down from the room below for the trolley to go through with the cake.’

“It was all put back in the end so it was fine.”

Kate and William opted for an eight-tiered masterpiece for their wedding that stood three foot tall, weighed 220 pounds and was covered in fondant.

It was made up of 17 individual fruit cakes and there were also 900 individually iced flowers.

The cake broke from tradition as it was the first for a royal wedding to be stacked cake-on-cake instead of pillared.

The cake also broke from tradition in having soft icing instead of the typical harder kind.

Many newlyweds opt to freeze and preserve their wedding cake for special occasions, and Kate and William did this for their sweet treat.

In 2018, Kate and Will served up some of their 2011 wedding cake to close friends and family on Prince Louis’ christening day – and it was said to be their final tier.

Prince William and Kate's wedding took place at Westminster Abbey, with 1,900 guests.

The wedding came a decade after Wills and Kate first crossed paths back at St Andrews University in 2001.

The royal pair got on like a house on fire during their student days, and coupled up in 2003.

This was the royal wedding itinerary for Kate and Wills’ big day.

And these were the lucky people invited to Kate and William’s wedding.

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