Kids with these names are most likely to become future billionaires – including John and Sofia – The Sun

PARENTS always want what's best for their kids – and that includes being happy and successful in life.

But what if the name you give your baby when it's born could secure their financial future?

Online marketplace, has revealed the top baby names among billionaires – to help parents choose a money-making moniker.

They've complied the top 10 names for boys and girls, using data as well as online information, to provide some inspiration for mums and dads.

Top names include John/Jonathan and Jonny for boys and Marie/Maria and Mary for baby girl names.

Aaron Harpin, founder of, said: “Earlier this year, we revealed the top millionaire-making baby names for expectant parents and after such a positive response back, we wanted to make a list that takes it one step further – billionaire baby names!

Top 10 billionaire baby names for girls

  1. Marie/Maria/Mary
  2. Judy/Judith
  3. Sofia/Sofie
  4. Ann/Anna/Annie
  5. Victoria/Vicky/Tori
  6. Elizabeth/Beth/Lizzie
  7. Abigail/Abby/Abbie
  8. Kim
  9. MacKenzie
  10. Kirsten

“Picking a name for your child is a big decision for any parent.

"Ultimately this name is with them for life – the first thing people know about them, judge them on and can affect their future!

“As a parent you want to give your child the best life possible, and wealth is a factor which comes into that.

"We hope this list will give mums and dads-to-be some inspiration when it comes to naming their future billionaire baby.”

Would you name your baby one of these?

Top 10 billionaire baby names for boys

  • John/Jonathan/Jonny
  • David/Dave
  • Thomas/Tommy/Tom
  • Wang
  • Bill/Billy
  • Charles/Charlie
  • Michael/Mike/Mikey
  • Robert/Robbie
  • Mohammed
  • Jim/Jimmy

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