Man makes ‘£1000 in two hours’ by clearing the shelves in Sainsbury’s, but people slam him for going ‘too far’ | The Sun

A MAN who cleared the shelves in Sainsbury's of reduced nappies to sell on for profit has been blasted for going "too far" in his money-making pursuits.

Isaac took to his TikTok page to explain that he hit up some supermarkets in his local area after getting "some information that Sainsbury's is stocking some nappies at a reduced price".

"So I had to clear the store," he added.

In addition to nabbing all the reduced nappies on the shelf, he even got a "bored employee" to take him into the back where he got even more boxes for a "generous donation".

"Onto the next," he continued.

"So I came to this store and I feel like they were moving a bit stingy. They gave us boxes anyway."

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He concluded his video by showing himself laying down amongst all the packs of Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants he'd managed to get his hands on.

"Here we see all the items that I purchased for the day," he said.

And perhaps anticipating backlash, he added: "Any single mums that want nappies, shout me."

He also showed the page that showed how much profit he would make per pack – £5.45.

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But people in the comments section were not impressed, and didn't hold back as they slammed him.

"This is sad !! What a waste man !!" one wrote.

"People need nappies right now and you’re moving selfish and stingy."

"Unfair when so many parents are struggling," another wrote.

As a third said: "Damn all for hustle but pls leave essentials aka nappies out, that’s like the one thing us mums search and get excited about finding."

"Clearing out Essentials for a measly 1k," someone else said.

"Parents need discount nappies at a time like this!" another wrote.

While another mum commented: "Please be mindful. I’ve had to drive to multiple shops to get nappies for my son because they’re often sold out."

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And someone else added: "Not me thinking he was getting all the nappies to donate to struggling mums.

"Profiting from baby essentials is a bit too far."

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