Man proposes to his chicken-loving lady by shoving a ring on a NUGGET and people are impressed

A WOMAN revealed her boyfriend decided to propose by buying her lunch and putting a ring on a chicken nugget.

The bride-to-be shared a snap of her food-themed proposal, revealing the engagement ring on the piece of chicken.

Her husband-to-be had bought her lunch at her favourite fast food outlet, Raising Cane's, and she also got chips and sauce in her polystyrene box .

But rather than snubbing his proposal, she appreciated his efforts.

She said: “One day he got off work early and brought me lunch.

“I opened up the box & bam, ring on a ring chicken tender.

“It was sweet.”

She went on to say her fiancé had let the cat out of the bag by answering a call where a jeweller told him the ring was ready – in full earshot of her.

Despite the mishap, she was thrilled with her proposal – and it’s gone down well online.

A snap of the ring on the chicken nugget was shared to Facebook group That’s It I’m Proposal Shaming, where its racked up more than a hundred likes.

It seems women are impressed with the chicken-and-proposal combo, revealing they’d probably say yes too.

I mean I’d totally say yes to this one

One woman said: “Chicken tenders and a proposal. I'm not seeing the downside here?”

Another wrote: “In Louisiana this is one of the most romantic ways you can propose, can confirm.”

A third commented: “Honestly the presentation is so random I kind of love it.” 

This woman agreed, saying: “I mean I’d totally say yes to this one.”

Someone else added: “I love chicken tenders. I don’t entirely hate it.”

Although this person pointed out: “Would have been better if it was a ring on a chicken finger.”

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