Man tries to 'earn wife's trust back' by getting huge chest tattoo labelling him a 'cheater' and 'liar' – but it's spelled wrong

IF YOU'VE betrayed your partner, there are a few things you might consider doing in a bid to win back their trust.

Grovelling, giving them space, promising it'll never happen again… but probably not having a ginormous tattoo inked across your chest.

That's exactly what one man did earlier this week.

Jose L. Torres – thought to be from Houston, Texas – had a lengthy mea culpa etched on his torso after cheating on his wife.

The design – which spans from his nipples to his stomach – reads: "I, Jose L. Torres am getting a tattoo voluntarily on January 2, 2019 so that I can earn my wife's trust back for the pain and suffering I have caused in our marriage."

It then lists him as a liar, cheater, manipulator and 'prostitute lover'.

A photo of the eye-popping piece was shared on Instagram by tattoo artist Tattoos By Jorge.

Unfortunately, Jorge admits that there are a few spelling mistakes in the design – which Jose didn't realise before having it branded on his skin forever.

"Deceiver" reads "deciever" and "disrespectful" is replaced with "disrespectul".

In his caption, Jorge wrote: "Nothing like some nice lettering to start the year. @snake___pit ( just to clarify i didnt know the tattoo was mispelled until they started talking about it) [sic]."

He later clarified that English is his second language, continuing: "I did tried to tell the client if was really sure about his decition i ask him several times [sic].

"But the only response i got from him was that he was sure because he mess up and he want it to prove he would change. Even before i started tattooing i ask him again.

'And about the spelling english is my second lenguage i have a really hard time with spelling thats why always ask the costumers to make sure of the spelling.'

The post is now all over Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, and understandably, people are finding it hilarious.

Not only are they giggling over the grammatical errors, but they also seem to agree that it's an awful way for Jose to get his wife back.

One person wrote: "I bet they will have a nice time if they go together on the beach or any pool parties."

Another commented: "Why would his wife want to be reminded of that? FAIL."

Some are hoping that the tattooist is just having them on, with one message reading: "I hope it's fake. This is a terrible thing to do to yourself/marriage."

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