Midwife who donates Christmas toys to kids in need shows off £5 Asda Play Doh bargain & is praised for her generosity

A MIDWIFE who generously donates Christmas toys to kids in need has shown off how Asda is selling 14 pots of “Play Doh” for just £5. 

The kind-hearted woman showed off a photo of the huge tube she found in the supermarket and put it against her body for reference. 

She shared a photo of the purse-friendly steal on Facebook and wrote: “£5 for 14 pots of scented PlayDoh in Asda…it's huge! (I'm 5ft 2.5 inches for reference.)

“Good bargain to tell Santa Claus' about!

“Every year I buy gifts for the kiddos who don't have much….for 3 years I had very, very little pay as I was training to be a midwife, I wasn't able to donate as much those past few years, BUT when the Pandemic came, we were all deployed to help out and started getting WAGES early!

“So I'm very excited to use those to get more gifts this year- with the help of this page, I can make sure more and more kids don't go without this Christmas, getting more for my money!”

The Asda tube features stacked pots of Scentos scented dough, which the Asda website says is suitable for ages two and above. 

Many people were deeply moved at reading about her generosity and impressed at her bargain-finding skills. 

One wrote: “What a wonderful thing to do.”

Another added: “that would keep kids going a while.”

And a third commented: “I seen them the other day!! Gonna go grab some.”

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