Mind-bending optical illusion leaves people baffled – can YOU work out what's going on?

THIS mind-bending optical illusion has left people in a spin – but can you work out what's going on?

The baffling brain teaser has left people going around in circles while trying to decipher it.

The trippy mind trick features what appears to be a lengthy spiral made up of tiny black and white squares.

When you look at it, the still image somehow seems to start spinning right before your eyes.

But it has actually just fooled your brain into thinking the formation is a spiral, even though it is just four concentric circles.

This is when a series of rings have a common centre – and in this case, can trick illusion lovers into seeing a rotating spiral.

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The tiny squares which make up the diagram are each positioned at an angle, which distorts your vision of the image.

Even when explained, it's still hard to get your head around the amazing illusion is just a stack of circles.

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Another illusion can reportedly reveal a secret about your personality.

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