Mrs Hinch fan shares £1.99 Home Bargains buy which banishes mould from windows and window sealant with zero scrubbing | The Sun

A WOMAN struggling to clear up the mould on her windows and window sealant has shared her new go-to product to banish it for good.

Mould on windows and sealant can be a nightmare to get off.

But one woman has found a bargain £1.99 buy in Home Bargains that quickly banished mould without having to scrub.

Taking to the Facebook group, Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman shared her new favourite mould remover.

Mrs Hinch's army of fans have made plenty of social media groups to share their favourite cleaning tips.

In one of those groups, a woman shared her top buy.


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She wrote: "If anyone is suffering with mould around their windows.

"I’ve just moved into an apartment where I thought the window seal was ages – turns out it’s just mould and with this comes off a charm.

"Highly recommend – got it for £1.99 at Home Bargains."

The woman purchased the Kilrock mould remover brush-on gel – which comes with a small brush head to reach fiddly places like sealant and window corners.

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In the comments section of the post, the woman also revealed it could easily be re-filled again with bleach.

She wrote: "What I love about it too is you can easily refill it once it’s run out with just thick bleach – the brush alone with the bottle makes it worthwhile."

People quickly took to the comments section to thank the woman for sharing her find.

One wrote: "Yeh I bought this and it’s absolutely amazing it removed the mould off in my bathroom shower base completely am going to stock up on this as I think this will sell out quickly because it is GOOD."

Another person commented: "Wow great find."

"Thanks for sharing this," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I used this yesterday brilliant stuff. Be careful though as it’s like bleach. But fab stuff."

"I have seen this in home bargains and wondered if it was worth buying, I will buy some and try it, Thank you for recommending it," wrote a fifth.

Another added: "Thank you for sharing, I'll be getting that."

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