Mum mourning the loss of her baby horrified as she’s BANNED from her friend's wedding because she’s ‘too sad’

A MUM grieving the loss of her baby was left horrified when she was banned from her friend’s wedding for being ‘too sad.’

Screenshots of the guest’s text exchange with her soon-to-be-wedded pal were shared on Reddit where the bride was described as a “human pile of trash.”

In the messages, the bride-to-be begins by texting her bereaved friend to ask if she will still be attending her nuptials.

She writes: “I was thinking maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t mean to be harsh but I thought you’d be over what happened by now.

“You cried today just cause some lady had a baby, it’s just a bit dramatic and lots of people don’t know yet cuz apparently you aren’t ready to tell people.

“I think if you don’t tell people, you shouldn’t come, like I’m trying to be as nice about this as I can but everyone will be asking y you aren’t pregnant and I don’t want them distracted from making me feel special.”

She went on to suggest that her friend made a Facebook announcement that she had lost the baby, adding that she “didn’t want her wedding ruined by her.”

Understandably, the grieving mum did not take it well, responding: “So let me get this straight. You don’t want me at your wedding because the fact my baby f***ing died might ruin YOUR day.”

She went on to describe her friend as a “giant pile of trash of a human” before reassuring her that she wouldn't be at the wedding as they’re no longer friends.

But shockingly the bride failed to see the error of her ways, adding: “Ur being really selfish it’s been 2 months how much time do you really need?

“It’s not like you knew her.”

Responding her horrified friend added: “Seriously glad I found out you were trash now so I don’t waste any more time speaking to you.”

Fellow Redditors were equally outraged by the bride-to-be, sharing their horror in the comments.

One wrote: “Wow! What the fuck is wrong with people? She needs to send this to the groom, so he can see how his future wife is acting.”

“When she said ‘it’s not like you knew her’ my jaw DROPPED. this is the most gut wrenching thing to read” added another.

A third wrote: “This is all kinds of f***ed up geez.”

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