Mum shares how she creates 15 different meals for just £14.70 using Aldi chicken

A THRIFTY mum has revealed how she turns a few cheap chickens into15 different meals – all for just £14.70.

The Australian mum, who shops at Aldi, will turn five birds into kilos of mince, Marylands and wings, as well as creating ingredients for soup stock.

The best part is that the chicken can be stored in the freezer for months to come and be used for various meals.

Taking to the Aldi Mums Facebook group, she wrote: "Five chickens today, averaged $5.25 (£2.97)."

Explaining what she does with them, she continued: "Cut them up into 10 Marylands, 2kg wings, 2kg minced chicken and five carcasses for stock when the weather cools.

“All labelled and in the freezer now. So fresh and I firmly believe it’s the best way to buy chickens. From ALDI of course!”

The savvy home cook went on to explain that she uses the juicy chicken breasts to create mince – which takes little more than minutes.

“Took the skin off first,” she explained. “I’ve got an old fashioned mincer and got my husband to turn the handle. Took about 5 minutes!”

By doing this, the savvy mum can potentially save hundreds on her food bill a year, with one shopper admitting: "If you bought two kilos of chicken mince it would cost you $25 (£14)alone."

Adding: "This is a much smarter way of doing it."

The woman's thrifty tip was praised by other Aldi shoppers who agreed it was a very clever way to budget.

“This is a great way to budget,” said one.

Added another: “Such a good idea. I love it.”

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