Mum shows easy way beginners can transform their garden in under an hour – and it won’t break the bank either

IF you want to transform your garden but don't have much money, or time, to do it – then Jasmine Gurney has some top tips for you.

The 28-year-old mum from Bedfordshire took to Instagram to post a reel explaining how she gave her pal's garden an incredible makeover ahead of the house being listed for sale.

"1 HOUR, £100, ONE BIG IMPROVEMENT," she wrote in the caption, before adding that they used Cupressus Goldcrest Pyramids, at a cost of £6.75 each, and decorative stones from the reduced pile of their local Homebase for the garden border.

First up, they marked out the border around the garden.

Then, they used a spade to lift up the dirt.

Ideally, weed-control fabric would be added underneath at this point but Jasmine admitted that they "skipped that part".

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"You can also add a thin piece of timber or plastic edge border to keep this neat," she added.

She also wrote in the reel caption that if she'd had more time, she'd definitely have added an edging.

"For a neater, dog/child proof way to keep the stones in place, I’d definitely put down a nice thin 1×1 wooden border strip, protected and painted to suit your garden colour scheme or grab some of that plastic border roll to keep the lines neat and stones in place," she said.

Next up, they dug holes for the shrubs and planted them.

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If you have gone with the weed-control fabric, you can cut Xs in the fabric and plant through there, Jasmine said.

"You can also limit their growth by planting them IN their pots," she continued.

Jasmine added in the reel caption: "I’ve had some in my garden planted in a 10cm wide bed right against my house and 2 years later, they’re only 50cm tall and likely won’t grow any more as they haven’t got the space."

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The final job was to spread the decorative stones they'd chosen over the border and spread evenly

"Looks much better! Now to grow this grass," she concluded.

She added in the caption that the project is a perfect quick one to do on your lunch break, after work or at the weekend.

People quickly took to the comments section on the reel to praise Jasmine for her makeover, with one writing: "How nice! This would have taken me at least 5 hours – impressed!!"

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And when someone criticised her for not using the weed-control fabric, Jasmine replied: "If you read the video & caption, I recommended the use of some weed control fabric.

"My friend is moving out of this house very soon so won’t be her problem, was just to hide the fact her grass edges were deadddd-new owner’s problem!"

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