My ‘band trick’ turns any T-shirt into a crop top – you don't even need to wear a bra | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl said when it comes to how she dresses, she prefers casual crop tops above all else.

Her penchant for midriff-revealing fits led her to try a hack that turns any top into a crop in seconds.

Ashli Cash (@ashlicash) is an Oklahoma girl who instantly influenced her followers when she revealed the elastic band that transforms her boring outfits into flirty looks.

Wearing sweatpants and an oversized sweater, the blonde beauty began in the video: “No bra required crop top band.”

Rather than perform the usual trick of tucking a shirt into the bottom of a bra to have it fold over shorter, she lifted the sweater to reveal that she had a thick band wrapped around her upper stomach.

The $20 undergarment is from the brand Crop Top Band.


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Listening to country music, she proudly tucked the sweater into the band and let it fold over to reveal her bellybutton.

Viewers were sold on the stylish find.

“Need,” one person wrote.

“You look amazing!” added another.

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Although crop tops seem to be all the rage now, one fashion lover is not a fan of showing off her stomach.

Posting to her YouTube channel, @sistersguidetostyle, she said she found a way to keep up with trends without revealing too much skin.

The key is to minimize the space in between the top of your trousers and the bottom of your top.

That's why the fashionista recommended avoiding low or even mid-rise jeans, since they'll make a crop top look even shorter and draw attention to the lower part of your stomach.

High-rise jeans are a great option, but still don't solve the problem if you've got a long torso.

Try grabbing a "similar colored" tank top to pair with the crop top so it looks like one cohesive set and will hide your stomach.

You can also switch up what you'd usually pair a crop top with so there's no stomach showing.

The fashion whizz tried on a cropped sweater with a dress for a cozy look that's on trend but won't draw attention to area you want to cover.

In general, she advised sizing up when shopping for these kinds of shirts.

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