My bridezilla sister FIRED my four-year-old as a flower girl due to her ‘poor performance’, I’ll never talk to her again

A DISTRAUGHT mother explained that after hours of practice for her sister's wedding her four-year-old daughter was dropped as flower girl for her poor performance.

The 28-year-old mum told how her sister, 26, had always been picky and expected perfection but this time had gone too far by ditching the little girl from proceedings.

She explained that her daughter "cried herself to sleep" when she heard the disappointing news and that the mother didn't intend to speak to her sister again after her cruel decision.

Writing on Reddit she said: "I’m gonna be blunt my sister has always been one of those people that has to have everything perfect to the point sometimes it was hard to be around her.

"I was kinda nervous when she asked me and my daughter to be bridesmaids in February because I knew she was gonna be a massive bridezilla."

Despite her reservations, the mum agreed and complied with her sister's requests, including buying a dress that the mum said cost £1,550.

She said: "Over the last few months we have had to practice multiple dances, pay for very expensive dresses and put up with her tantrums.

"I told her from the start if she was anyway nasty to my child I wouldn’t stand for it she assured me she’d never be nasty towards her 'favourite person in the whole world'."

Things started to take a turn when the bride's husband's little eight-year-old cousin joined the rehearsals and the flower girl began to get pushed out.

Unsure of what was going on the woman sat down with her sister to ask what the situation was.

She said: "I invited her out to coffee a few weeks before the wedding and asked her what was going on.

"She told me she was glad I brought it up because she was looking for the right time.

"Apparently my four-year-old wasn’t doing everything right and she was afraid she was gonna 'mess up her [vision]' by saying the wrong thing or not doing the dance right on the day.

"I told her she [was] doing a pretty good job and everyone was always praising her.

Even tho I tried my hardest and sugarcoated it as much as possible the news still broke her heart. She cried herself to sleep.

"Sister giggled and said it’s not THEIR day now is it so it’s not up to US what’s good enough for her wedding."

Exasperated by the conversation the concerned mum decided to cut to the chase.

She said: "I asked her straight up did she think her niece wasn’t good enough to be in her wedding she replied with not as something big as a flower girl but to attend.

"I asked her how was I gonna break it to my daughter who’s excited about being in the wedding she just told me figure it out.

"I told her I’d give her a day to rethink her decision if not we wouldn’t [be] attending not speaking to her ever again then left."

After a couple of days when she hadn't heard from her sister, the mother decided it was best to break the news to her daughter.


She said: "Even tho I tried my hardest and sugarcoated it as much as possible the news still broke her heart. She cried herself to sleep (so did I and my husband)."

The couple then stopped speaking to her sister and brother-in-law and didn't attend any events which panicked the soon-to-be-married couple.

They began to drop off gifts and frantically messaging and writing letters to apologise.

The couple even showed up at her work and the woman had to threaten to call security to have them removed.

Later down the line the woman was contacted by the wedding photographer who said that on the day they had overheard the woman's brother-in-law's family saying racial slurs about her child who is biracial.

She said: "So yeah my daughter wasn’t flower girl because unlike me, her aunt or the other flower girl she doesn’t have blue eyes and blonde hair."

Your daughter crying herself to sleep made me sad. She is only 4 and so little and probably tried her best and was so excited.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to comment on the upsetting situation.

One said: "Yes, it’s her wedding. That doesn’t mean she gets to trample all over everyone’s feelings, especially not a 4 year old girl."

Another said: "Your daughter crying herself to sleep made me sad. She is only 4 and so little and probably tried her best and was so excited.

"Your sister is a giant a**hole and I hope her 'perfect vision' was worth being a d*** to a 4-year-old.

"Your sister’s husband and his family are garbage too. Tell them to stay out of it."

While a third said: "She made you pay for expensive dresses, practice dancing, set your daughter’s hopes up, and then decided to drop her.

"Even if your daughter wasn’t a little girl, I’d still say that was awful of her."

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