My friend said I was brave for giving my kids ‘naughty boy names’, she laughed but I’m so hurt | The Sun

A MUM, who thought she gave her son’s sweet names, says she’s been told they have ‘naughty boy names.’

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to complain after a friend made a comment telling her she was “brave” for giving her sons the names Arran and Lewis, which the friend claimed were associated with naught children.

The mum writes: “My husband has got Scottish roots,” adding, “ He used to live in Scotland but moved to England to settle down with me and as all his family are still in Scotland we felt Scottish names would be a nod to them.

“We had a son first and called him Arran (pronounced Arun) after one of the Isles and we joked that if our second child was a girl we would call her Skye.

“Second child turned out to be another gorgeous boy so we called him Lewis, after one of the other Scottish Isles.”

Writing about the conversation with her friend, she continues: “My friend is pregnant which is why we were talking about names and that’s when she said (with a giggle) that it was really brave of me to give both my sons names that are associated with being naughty. She laughed it off but it really hurt.

“I’ve since come on here and I have seen Lewis be labelled as a ‘naughty boy’s name’.

“I know a child’s name doesn’t define them but I feel so guilty that I may have given both my boys a name that has negative association.”

Commenters on the thread were quick to side with the mum-of-two, with one writing: “I have been a teacher for 40 years and a few names popped into my head when l saw your post. 

“Neither of your names were anywhere near the list and anyway it's all nonsense as each child has their own personality. 

“Actually she sounds like a horrible friend to say that about your dc [darling children] as they have great names and the Scottish connection is a real bonus.”

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A second argued: “I suppose you now know that your friend's name is a "mean girl name.” Maybe tell her that.”

“I thought you were going to say some truly terrible names! Arran and Lewis are lovely – especially when you mix the heritage in. Ignore said friend!” added a third.

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