My husband upgrades my engagement ring every 10 years – now it's huge but jealous trolls call me ‘tacky’ | The Sun

THE general rule of thumb when buying an engagement ring is said to be 'spend three months salary.'

Most men are in the clear when it comes to buying expensive rings for their wives once they've made the trip down the aisle, but this isn't the case for everyone.

TikTok user Amanda Ivanelli's husband raised the bar for husbands everywhere after he upgraded her engagement ring after 10 years.

In her video, Amanda showed off her latest diamond ring with the caption "I love my first one tho!"

TikTok users were quick to share their opinions on the couple's unique arrangement of updating Amanda's engagement ring every 10 years.

While some users thought Amanda and her husband's idea was "sweet" and "showed how much he values you", a lot of comments were critical of the set up.

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"Too over the top for me," said one follower, while another commented: "It gets tacky at some point and you’ve reached it."

Another user wrote: "He’s only gotta upgrade it like once before he trades [his wife] in for a newer model."

Other commenters compared the situation to their own relationships.

"I never want to do that because the ring I have is the one he gave me the day we married," said one user.

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Another wrote: "I don't care how big a rock I bought, my wife would be insulted if I tried to 'upgrade' her ring. She'd trade the Hope Diamond for the one I gave her."

One comment called the couple's arrangement an "inefficient use of money" while another viewer said they'd "personally prefer a holiday and not another ring."

Some TikTokers related to the concept of upgrading engagement rings, calling it "a very common practice."

"My man willingly buys me a new one every year.. it doesn't replace it, just adds to the collection," said one user.

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