My ‘Karen’ neighbors don’t like the outfit I wear to mow my lawn – it’s just a sports bra and I get sweaty | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER whose neighbors have taken offense over some of her outfits is vowing never to change.

Her ‘Karen’ neighbors have failed in their attempt to get her to dress demurely while she is working in her garden.

Well, TikToker Candice (@cywillingham) would say it gets hot and sweaty laboring away in the garden, and that requires cool clothing.

Her 93,000 followers are loving her humorous response.

In her video, it is a swelteringly hot day and Candice is dressed in a hot pink plunging sports bra, purple shorts, and her long blonde hair piled up on top.

But this outfit is considered sorely unsuitable when it comes to mowing the lawn and her neighbors made their views very clear.

Her post is captioned: “When your neighbors don’t like your mowing outfit.”

She, however, is unswayed and will continue cutting the grass dressed whichever way she wants.

Fans loved her bolshy attitude and would have no problem if she mowed their lawns dressed like that. Many wished she was their gardening neighbor.

“I need to set up an appointment to get my lawn mowed,” was a view typical of many.

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“Come cut my grass please,” begged another.

“Come on, mow my lawn. I would welcome that outfit,” said one fan.

Finally, some honesty from one follower: “I appreciate your outfit but I would send my husband to the store with a very long shopping list every time out there looking too good.”

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