My kids only eat beige food… but a simple trick lets me sneak in lots of veggies – they think it's sausage | The Sun

A MUM has been praised for her easy recipe which means her beige-loving children eat their five-a-day with no tantrums and throwing up.

Like most parents, mum Katie Williams used to struggle with her toddlers eating veggies – until she came up with a simple and delicious recipe.

Impressed with how easy it was, the parent took to TikTok to share it – and fellow mums and dads are going wild.

''Today we are making veggie-packed faux sausage rolls,'' she said before demonstrating the steps.

''Start by roughly chopping up a zucchini, a sweet potato and an onion.''

Once done, Katie showed in the video, blitz it all together – here, it's key to get it all extra fine, so the kids can't detect any bits of veggies.

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''Then you want to out in two tablespoons of minced garlic, two tablespoons of tomato paste, two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.''

To make the 'sausage' rolls, you will also need to add 3/4 cup breadcrumbs to the mix, which should now resemble meat.

Katie then grabbed five to six puff pastry sheets which she cut straight down the middle.

''Put your mixture down the centre – about three tablespoons per roll.

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''Then egg-wash down the side, stick it all together.

''Next step that you wanna do is you wanna cut your rolls into four pieces.

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''Pop them onto a lined baking tray and put them in the freezer overnight, just so that they're nice and hard, and ready to go.''

This recipe, she claimed, will make for heaps of these veggie sausage rolls – which is perfect for those running short on time.

To bake them, chuck the savoury treats in your air fryer at 200C for ten minutes.

''They are absolutely delicious – our whole family like them, even my fussy as hell three-year-old who won't even eat chicken nuggets.''

Social media users flocked to comments to praise the mum, with one writing: ''I’ve never thought of this, legend! I too have beige food kids.''

Someone else penned: ''I can tell they taste soooo good coz mum does the same thing, she just uses what ever veggies she has.''

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''I'm using this recipe to trick myself into eating veggies,'' a third chckled.

''As an adult who has to hide vegetables in my own food because texture of cooked veg… I'm trying this, thank you,'' a TikTok user joked.

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