My millionaire man buys me £40k gold dinners, daily Dior & a horse a month…trolls say I'm high maintenance, I don't care | The Sun

A MINTED millionaire's wife has given a sneak peek inside her lavish lifestyle – including being gifted designer handbags every day.

Brunette beauty Soudi is married to her millionaire man Jamal, who gives her spending money to fund her luxury life.

The couple live in Dubai and Soudi regularly reveals what a day in her life is like, to her 942.1k loyal social media followers. 

Soudi claimed that her rich husband buys her £40k gold covered dinners, daily Dior bags and a new horse every month.

As well as this, she claimed he has gifted her an £8 million jewellery collection and will take her to the spa any time she is stressed. 

However, trolls were quick to slam Soudi as ‘high maintenance’ and many said she wasn’t aware of ‘real life.’

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Sharing a look at her life on social media, Soudi said: “What I expect from my millionaire husband living in Dubai.”

She then revealed her high expectations, that her husband meets, as she claimed: “$50,000 [£40,900] gold covered dinners.

“Daily spa visits as I’m so stressed.”

We then saw Jamal carrying Soudi’s shopping bags, including a bag from Louis Vuitton and Hermes, as she wrote: “Expensive wardrobe for this queen.”

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Shortly after Soudi filmed Jamal in a fur shop, as he held a black fur coat, presumably for Soudi.

She then filmed a stunning diamond necklace and huge diamond ring, as she continued: “$10 million [£8 million] jewellery collection.”

Not only this, but she also added: “Daily antidepressant Dior bag.

“A new horse every month.”

Saudi then asked her followers: “Am I asking for too much guys?”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @soudiofarabia, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 145,100 views in just three days.

But social media users weren’t impressed with Soudi’s video – many questioned why she is ‘stressed’ and claimed she doesn’t have an understanding of ‘real life’. 

One person said: “Because you’re so stressed? From?”

Another added: “You have no idea about real life.”

A third commented: “What are you stressed from? Shopping.”

Whilst someone else asked: “Why don’t you give some money to the unfortunate people?” 

Meanwhile, the trolls were out in full force, criticising Soudi for flaunting her wealth online.

One user wrote: “High maintenance..”

A second chimed in: “So it looks like all you want is to have material items.”

Someone else posted: “P***! Poor Jamal.”

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At the same time, another TikTok user penned: “The world is falling apart… your videos aren’t amusing… skipping them.”

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