My mom didn't believe in my cleaning ability – her toilet was covered in stains but I got it sparkling with a cheap tool | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has gone beyond the call of duty in sharing her toilet cleaning hack.

She was confronted with a horribly stained toilet bowl but, by the time she had finished, it was sparking white again.

It was all down to her secret weapon, a cheap and surprising tool, but it might set your teeth on edge.

By the time her challenge was completed, her mom was amazed at her daughter's amazing cleaning abilities.

Gabie (@cleaningwithgabie), who has 1.8 million followers, was responding to an appeal from one of her followers.

“Do you have anything for toilets? Like stains or discoloration that will not come out?" they asked.

Gabie is the person to ask. Her TikTok remit is all about: "Hacks, cleaning, [and] organizing.”

She knew just which toilet to tackle to showcase her magic implement.

“This toilet is in my parent's garage. They never use it and now there are stains."

This was something of an understatement and it was going to take someone with a strong stomach to approach this job.

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The toilet bowl was stained, marked, and all-round unpleasant.

“My mom never managed to clean it. She even thought to buy a new toilet.

“She honestly didn’t believe in my TikTok cleaning ability," she said.

But this lady was made of sterner stuff. And she believed in her equipment.

“Let’s try pumice stone," she suggested and set to work rubbing it on the dirty marks.

They are available from Amazon for $6.99.

Be warned: the grinding noise is unpleasant, but it certainly worked and removed the brown stains.

After using the pumice stone, she used normal cleaning products with a toilet brush for the finishing touches.

The result of her effort was a gleaming, sparkling white toilet, looking as good as new.

“Love this cleaning adventure," she remarked with some satisfaction. Another job well done.

Her post has had 56,000 likes.

One commenter said what many others were thinking.

“You are braver than the Marines for getting your hands in there.”

Well done, but ouch, said another person: “The cleaning is so satisfying but the sounds make my teeth hurt.

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“A pumice stone? That’s genius," effused this viewer.

Someone was convinced enough to get their own: “I just ran to Amazon. We rent and our toilet was worse than this when we moved here.”

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