My mom tried on my crop top and low-rise pants – people are wowed by her abs, they say she’s ‘body goals’ | The Sun

A MOM tried on her daughter's outfit and people are stunned by her abs.

Christina, a lifestyle content creator, shared her mom's outfit change in a video with over 23k TikTok followers.

She participated in a recent TikTok trend where daughters style their mothers in their clothing.

"Turning my mum into me," she said.

Her mom walked out in the clothes she usually wears — a baggy zip-up and sweats — while also carrying a vacuum.

A few moments later, however, mom walked out in Christina's clothes.

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She sported a cropped black blouse, baggy white pants, and a baseball cap.

What was most surprising was her abs, revealed by the short shirt.

People took to the comments to share their reactions.

"EXCUSE ME?????!!!" said one mind-blown commenter.

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"Umm body goals," said another.

"My favorite thing about this trend is how confident the moms look in 'younger' clothes," said a third.

People were stunned by how much of a change the clothes made.

"It's a 20 years difference," said one.

"SHE’S SUCH A SLAY," said another simply.

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