My mum had a genius hack to get two-hours peace when we were little… and all kids’ rooms got tidy too | The Sun

ARE you a mum who wishes she could get just a few hours of peace?

A woman has revealed the clever trick her mum did that not only kept her and her siblings quiet for a couple of hours, but also got them to tidy their rooms too.

TikTok user Hannah, who posts under @hannahkoumakis, uploaded a video sharing the savvy hack.

She said: “This [hack] is like a two-for-one, if you a) want to get your children to clean their room and b) if you want at least two hours of peace and quiet.

“My parents used to throw us room parties.

“Room parties are essentially when we have dinner in someone’s room.

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“We’d have like a picnic dinner on the floor with a picnic rug in someone’s room.

“We never knew which room it was and so the aim of the game was that we would all go to our rooms and we had two hours to clean our rooms and chill out.

“We were not allowed to come out at all because mum was preparing the room party food.

“It was two hours of silence for my parents.”

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After the two hours were up, Hannah said her mum would knock on her bedroom door.

She added: “If mum knocked on your door and opened up your door and there was no other sibling you knew that you were not chosen.

“If she opened up the door and said ‘come’ you were not chosen and it was guttering.

“Finally mum would knock on the last sibling’s door and we would all go ‘surprise’ and we would pull party poppers and all that stuff.

“This was great and it meant we needed to clean our rooms because there was a likelihood that our rooms were going to be chosen and we needed to make sure it was fully clean so it was ready for us to have a picnic.”

Hannah said her parents would do this once a month and it was one of her best childhood memories.

Her video has racked up over 111,000 likes and people praised the mum’s hack.

One said: “I’ve never been more jealous of someone’s upbringing.”

Another added: “Love your parents.”

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