My mum named me after her and I absolutely hate it – I cringe when I’m introduced to people | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she absolutely hates her name.

The young woman explained that she is named after her mother, but she dislikes it so much that she cringes when she is introduced to people.

Taking to community sharing platform Reddit to open up about her situation, she explained: “I'm an Adult and I Hate my Name.”

The woman, named Victoria, is nicknamed Tori.

She said: “I didn't always hate my name, but I've never really liked it. 

“I didn't really start hating it until I started having kids. 

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“I spent so long coming up with name choices and not naming my babies until after I met them. 

“It felt important to me to give them a name that felt like them. 

“I am named after my mom, because she had a relative who would call her by my name and she decided that she would name her firstborn daughter that name. 

“I don't feel like much thought was put into naming me.

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“I can't stand my name now, the full name is meh but I do not like the nickname I have had my whole life. 

“I inwardly cringe when introduced to others. 

“I have been thinking about changing my name, but it's so daunting and I know would hurt my parents' feelings.

“Any advice? Has anyone here changed their first name as an adult? 

“How did you find a name that fits you?”

Reddit users were supportive of the woman and took to the comments to share their advice. 

One person said: “I’m sure it will be scary at first, but once you are telling everyone, changing your name will become less daunting as people get used to it.” 

Whilst another added: “I haven’t changed mine yet but I've hated mine my whole life. Just do it. 

“Start introducing yourself as your new name, get the paperwork done, and just be casual yet firm about it.

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“Correct people when they mess up and if you’re super worried about what your parents will think, you could have your middle name be Victoria. Or not. 

“If you don’t make a huge deal about it, most other people won’t either.” 

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