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A BRIDE has been left heartbroken after her mum stopped speaking to her when she got engaged.

The woman, from Scotland, said her mother started giving her the silent treatment because her fiance didn't tell her he was going to propose.

She also claims her mum refused to attend her first bridal dress shopping appointment.

Taking to social media, the bride-to-be said: "When I got engaged she stopped speaking to myself and my fiance for two to three weeks and I had no idea why.

"I only just found out after her screaming down the phone at me that she was angry that my fiance didn't tell her he was going to propose and as a result has said some really hurtful things about him.

"She was also hurt when I didn't invite her to my bridesmaids' day out (an opportunity for all my bridesmaids to meet each other) and go bridesmaid dress shopping.

"She recently hasn't spoken to me in two months and refused to come to my first bridal dress shopping so I ended up cancelling my appointment.

"I rebooked for a different day and informed her that I would like her to come. Sadly, she didn't turn up on the day. The lady in the shop asked about my mum not being there and I had to just say couldn't make it.

"I have another booking for next month and have informed her about this and she has completely ignored my messages and now I am not even sure I want her there now."

The bride went on to say she is "so close" to cancelling her big day and eloping instead as a result of the drama.

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She added: "I am so stressed and nervous as to what she is going to be like in the lead-up to the wedding when it gets closer.

"I am worried that she falls out with me just before the wedding causing more hurt.

"I don't have the energy for the hostility and anger. Due to this, I am not enjoying any of the wedding process which has been something I have also been excited for growing up. I am so close to cancelling and eloping to prevent further hurt."

Fellow brides flocked to the comments to offer their advice to the devastated woman.

One suggested: "I would be direct with your mum. Tell her this day is about you and your husband-to-be, not her.

"If she doesn't want to be supportive of you then you will not be putting the effort in anymore as you don't want to be walking on eggshells.

"If she can't put her drama aside, you shouldn't include her because this is a happy event for you and nothing is bringing it down."

A second wrote: "Don't get back in touch, you do you. If she's any kind of mother she will realise how special this is for you and be supportive. Fingers crossed."

A third added: "Toxic mother, absolutely childish behaviour. She should be excited for you no matter what."

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A fourth put: "I know her behaviour is far from nice or acceptable in the slightest but (playing devil's advocate here) maybe she is not handling the fact her little girl is all grown up and feels like she's losing her."

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