My neighbour's paddling pool has been filled since July – it's gross & even has dog poo floating in it | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how she's been left grossed out by her neighbour's paddling pool which has been left untouched since last summer.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit and posted a snap of her neighbour's garden from her bedroom window.

She captioned the post: "Anyone fancy a swim?

"My neighbour has had the paddling pool sat out since it was used one day last July, the little white things are frozen dog s***."

The post has since been inundated with comments, with many admitting they'd be horrified if they were greeted with the grim sight every time they looked outside their window.

"That's horrible that," wrote one.


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A second quipped: "I can smell this picture."

A third recalled: "I'm a gardener and I've refused to do gardens many times because of dog s*** everywhere."

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Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "As a former Sky installer and locksmith, I would rate this garden a 5/10 on the ming scale.

"I've seen living rooms worse than this."

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Elsewhere, some defended the neighbour, with one adding: "Don’t be so judgemental you don’t know what they’re going through."

Another pointed out: "Maybe you should stop spying on your neighbours!"

And a further admitted: "Can't lie my kids pool is outside full of rain water too, when it's warmer will empty and throw it away though."

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