My parents built me a tiny house in their backyard – I have gorgeous decorations and an LED bed, people say it's 'dope' | The Sun

A DUTCH woman has been living large in a beautifully decorated tiny home in the Frisian Islands, a province in the Netherlands.

She said her parents built her a little oasis — complete with an LED bed — in their backyard.

TikToker Bente Pleijsier (@bente_pleijsier) gave a tour to her followers.

She first showed her desk, which is large enough to fit her laptop, some notebooks, a calculator, a lamp, and a jewelry stand.

She has access to the backyard, with doors that open to the garden.

Her dog, a black-and-white corgi, rested in front of the opening.

Bente then panned the camera to her living room. It features a grey couch, a wall picture of her corgi, and a standing lamp.

She decorated her couch with pillows in various shades of green and dusty rose.

Heading toward the bedroom, Bente showed a chic white armoire. It had silver finishes and a mirror in the center.

Next to the piece of furniture is Bente's full-sized bed, complete with green LED lights.

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The final part of the home Bente showed was her bathroom, which has a waterfall shower head and sink.

Some things appeared to be missing from the tiny home.

There didn't seem to be a door for the bathroom, and a toilet wasn't shown either.

Bente also didn't reveal if there was a refrigerator or a place to store food either.

Still, fans on TikTok loved Bente's tour.

"That’s dope," reads one of the most popular comments.

"Love it," another person wrote, while a third offered the compliment: "Dit is zo cute."

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