My son's friends think he's got two mums because of the difference in how I look in the morning and the afternoon | The Sun

A MUM was left flabbergasted when she discovered her son's friends thinks he's got two mothers.

Kristina took to Instagram to share a video as she explained what happened when she dropped her kid off at preschool.

"This boy comes up to me and says, ‘Where’s Josiah’s other mum?’" she recalled.

"I’m like ‘He only has one mum’.

"And this little boy says, 'no, he has two. He has you and then he has the pretty mum.

"'The one that picks him up from school every day.’"

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"When your son’s friend thinks you are two different mums," she wrote over the video, before adding in the caption: "Plot twist… I’m both mums."

The comments section was quickly filled with people weighing in on Kristina's revelation, with one writing: "So what he’s saying is… you clean up NICE LOL."

"Big big compliment , but for some reason it stings," another added.

"Oh kids will humble you real fast," a third laughed.

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"You should start wearing different wigs and disguises and talk to that kid everyday just to throw him off," someone else wrote.

As another commented: "At my toddler's old daycare there was a little girl that would announce to my daughter that her grandma was here.

"I was 40 last year when this was happening.

"I told her to stop, that I was her mother and she said, 'but you're so OOOLLLLLLLDDDDD.'

"I'm not gonna let a 7 year old tell me I'm too old to be a mum."

While someone else joked: "Ahhhh…. He’s referring to before/after coffee."

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