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EVERY bride wants the perfect wedding day but for one woman, things went from bad to worse. 

Bubbly American Mikayla Nogueira bravely shared her disastrous big day with the world, and things just go from bad to worse. 

Mikayla giggled as she applied her make-up and began telling her story. 

“Cody and I had lots of flowers on our big day,” she said. “They were so beautiful, but what typically comes with flowers free of charge? Bugs. 

“I do relatively ok with bugs, except for bees. 

“I’m reading my vows and it was a super emotional moment. Cody had a flower on his tuxedo and all of a sudden the biggest bee I have ever seen in my life – it was huge – landed on Cody as I was giving the vows.” 

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Most people would panic, but Mikayla refused to ruin the special moment. 

“I looked at it and thought ‘ok… I’m terrified of bees, especially that one, but I cannot react to this. I’m just saying my vows and looking at the audience and not the bee’,” she said.

“But the bee would not leave. A few minutes in and this bee was swarming around me and I just couldn’t deal with it. 

“I had to interrupt my vows and get rid of the bee. It all worked out but damn bee, who invited you?”

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Then came the couple’s first dance. 

“Cody and I got dance lessons. We had a routine, but not on the day of the wedding we didn’t,” she said. 

“I’m a super easy going person so I thought ok, let’s wing it. 

“Long story short, our first dance was nothing to brag about. It was not good, but everyone knew I couldn’t dance already so it was kind of funny.”

Finally, she comes to the event that was a whisker away from full-blown disaster. 

“The next one is quite serious but I’m going to say it anyway but it was a huge hiccup,” she said.

“So you do a toast at the wedding with alcohol, but Cody is sober. 

“They offered to do apple cider for him. 

“We’re given our drinks and I take a sip of mine and it’s apple cider. 

“Just imagine a slow-mo version of me shouting ‘no don’t drink that’ to my new husband. 

“That would’ve been a disaster but thankfully, Cody did not drink from his glass. 

“Everything people told me about weddings was true. You barely eat, you barely sit and I didn’t drink any alcohol on my wedding day because I was too busy talking to everybody. 

“I had no chance to go to the bar. I still can’t believe that – not a sip of alcohol.

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“At the end of the day, it was all so perfect that none of it mattered.” 

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