Nine in ten women feel the lack of pockets on womens clothing is impractical

Half of women wish they didn’t have to carry a handbag with them – but feel they have to, because of a lack of pockets in their clothing. Nine in ten say most female clothing is “completely impractical” when it comes to storage, and 45 percent are infuriated by fake pockets.

Nearly six in ten, of the 2,000 women polled, admit they are envious of men’s fashion because of the number of pockets they have.

As a result, more than half (53 percent) are desperate for retailers and brands to offer women better options – like they do with men.

The research was commissioned by Candy Crush, which has teamed up with designer Christian Cowan to create a pin-on pocket which can be fixed to any garment – and is debuting at Paris Fashion Week.

He said: “For decades, pockets have been notoriously ignored by designers and excluded from women’s clothing, but fashion today begs for them.

“It’s no secret that my collections are typically out of the ordinary – but alongside the Candy Crush team, I was jazzed to make something both camp and practical, that takes an otherwise ordinary outfit and makes it something elevated.”

The results also found 46 percent believe there’s no such thing as too many pockets when it comes to fashion.

And aside from looking good, six in ten feel pockets are one of the most practical assets on a piece of clothing – so they can leave their bag at home.

Being able to carry their phone in their pockets would be a dream come true for 65 percent.

But women aren’t just talking the standard jeans and jackets – as 41 percent would love to frolic around in their frocks with their hands tucked away.

And coats (40 percent), skirts (34 percent) and shorts (23 percent), also wouldn’t be ruined by adding a few more pouches for storage.

When in public, 77 percent feel being able to keep their phones on their person would make things so much easier.

Many don’t think it’s fair that men’s clothes carry more compartments – and almost half (47 percent) feel men don’t even find proper use for all of them, which seems a waste.

Luken Aragon, from Candy Crush, said: “Partnering with Christian has given us the opportunity to provide our fans with a way to express their love for the game, in style.”

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