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DRYING clothes indoors during the winter months can make you feel like you're living in a laundromat.

And whilst it's easier to use a tumble dryer, saving money is a top priority when energy prices are still so high.

Petya Holevich, a home maintenance expert has revealed her top tips to drying clothes quickly; from choosing a sunny day, to hanging t-shirts away from jeans.

The expert says: "Drying clothes indoors can sometimes be tricky, but if you know the right techniques, it shouldn’t be a hassle even if you don’t have a tumble drier or want to save up on your energy bills."

Putting money aside, Petya, from Fantastic Services says air drying your clothes is actually better for them and extends their lifespan.

Air circulation

To make sure your clothes dry quickly, you need plenty of air circulation between each piece.



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Petya says: "Use a fan or open the windows to improve the airflow in the room.

"Preferably, choose a room that you spent the least amount of time in. This will be particularly useful on days with low humidity and the fresh air will also help prevent the formation of musty odours and allow quicker water evaporation."

Use towels to absorb moisture

A simple towel can be your best friend when it comes to speeding up drying time.

"To help with the drying process, lay a clean, dry towel on a flat surface and place your clothes on top of it," explains Petya.

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"Roll them together to remove excess water from the clothes, folding it like a log and squeezing tightly, and replace the towel if it becomes too damp."

This will remove excess moisture if you're in a rush to get the kids' school uniform ready on a Sunday evening.

If you have a larger load, put the washing machine on an extra spin cycle.

Utilise sunlight

Sunlight might be scarce in the winter but you want to make use of every drop of it gives you when it comes to drying your laundry.

Make sure you dry clothes near a natural light source to help them dry as quickly as possible, whether it's in the garden, or by a large window.

"While it can help with natural disinfection and stain removal, it may also cause fading or damage to more delicate fabrics.

"Instead, hang such items in a shaded area of your home that’s still warm," says the laundry pro.

Optimise your hanging methods

Hanging your clothes properly can make all the different in how quickly they dry.

If you have a tiered clothes horse, Petya recommends hanging heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.

Make sure your clothes don't overlap over one another to allow air to circulate around each piece.

Reduce the laundry load

It might seem counter productive – but reducing your laundry load can cause you more issues.

The laundry expert adds: "Overloading the appliance with too many items can actually result in them being damper and more creased.

"This won’t only make the drying time longer, but you’ll also need to do more ironing afterwards."

Group similar fabrics together

As well as reducing your laundry load, it's important to group similar materials together after drying them.

"Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and linen, tend to dry quicker than heavier materials, such as denim or wool, so it’ll be a smarter choice to put them together," she says, so consider placing your t-shirts away from your jeans.

Use coat hangers

Coat hangers aren't just for your wardrobe – they can also be used to hang more clothes on a drying rack and allowing more air to circulate them.

You can also hang them on your curtain rail in the sun and the best part is that it will reduce the likelihood of your clothes needing ironing after says Petya.

Dry clothes overnight

Finally, she recommends drying clothes overnight using an indoor clothesline.

If you can, she recommends opening a window for ventilation 'to avoid excessive moisture build-up.'

Choose the right room

Most of us have a room in the house that just seems to be warmer than the rest, and that's exactly where you should be putting your laundry.

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The cleaning expert says this will facilitate faster water evaporation from the clothes.

Although it's tempting to put your clothes horse somewhere you can't see it, she warns 'avoid damp or cold spaces, such as the basement, as they can slow down the drying process.'

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