Only eagle-eyed players will spot the errors on this departure board – so can you beat the 60 second record? | The Sun

FOUND yourself without a plan this bank holiday?

We have just the thing to keep both you and your brain busy.

To encourage travellers to enjoy the remaining days of summer, travel experts at Airport Parking & Hotels have created a fun brainteaser inviting all puzzle lovers to uncover the hidden errors on the airport departure board. 

From wrong departure times to the name of destinations, this departure board conceals seven mistakes; can you spot all of them? 

The average person is only able to spot five of these mistakes and takes over a minute to solve the brainteaser. 

If you’re struggling to locate these, don’t worry; you can find the correct version of the departure board below!

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Puzzle solutions

  1. Beblin instead of Berlin  
  2. Las Vegus instead of Las Vegas  
  3. Chigago instead of Chicago  
  4. Dohar instead of Doha  
  5. Praguie instead of Prague 
  6. Om Time instead of On Time 
  7. Correct order for departure times:  
  • 09:15 
  • 09:30 
  • 09:55 
  • 10:05 
  • 10:15 
  • 10:20 
  • 10:30 
  • 10:55 
  • 11:00 
  • 11:05 

If you’re a fan of this teaser, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Elsewhere, if you’re looking to be challenged further, there’s plenty more, your wish is our command. 

Thanks to Lords and Labradors, another brain teaser challenges people to track down the two lost dogs in a busy park – and if you can successfully beat it, it means you have a high IQ. 

The picture they’ve created shows lots of different dogs and their proud owners out for a daytime walk in the park.

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However, eagle-eyed people will soon see that there are not one but two lonely pups who have been lost in the chaos. 

So can you see the four-legged friends hiding in the trees, birds and bees? 

While the average person takes around 58 seconds to spot the pooches, some eagle-eyed brain teaser fans have managed to do so in 43 seconds or less.

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