Pacifism's FW20 "Higher Power" Collection Is Streetwear, but Not as You Know It

Emerging London-based brand Pacifism, which debuted its Fall/Winter 2020 collection “Higher Power” at its first-ever London Fashion Week Men’s show back in January, has dropped its latest array of formal streetwear-inspired garments.

Headed by Talal Hizami, Pacifism takes inspiration from sportswear and tailoring and then refines this, delivering streetwear staples (and now loungewear essentials in the era of coronavirus) that are elevated to new luxurious heights. “Higher Power” is arguably Pacifism’s best work yet, drawing from Hizami’s family, youthful memories, and Arab heritage which inspires pieces throughout the brand’s catalog.

Telling Hizami’s personal story of what he believes to be a “Higher Power,” the collection is nostalgic with the inclusion of reinterpreted cable knit sweaters that remind him of the ones he wore growing up, as well as the plaid check pieces that bring back memories of school uniforms.

Everything from The Five Pillars to spiritual Goddesses and Angels of peace doesn’t just further inspire the collection, they physically appear within it. As a brand, Pacifism also puts a heavy focus on peace — something which is interpreted and represented by a number of pieces with a deconstructed peace symbol making up core components of the garments’ construction.

Standouts from “Higher Power” include the sherpa jackets with peace symbol lining, the relax-tailored suit, and the Sukapant in “Tan” velvet — which is perhaps one of the most elevated streetwear-inspired pieces in the collection.

Take a look at Pacifism’s FW20 “Higher Power” collection in the lookbook above, and purchase a selection of what you see above on Pacifism’s website.

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