Parents baffled after woman claims dads can't hold babies in same position most mums do | The Sun

BECOMING a parent is a journey filled with wonderful surprises. 

And along the route mum and dads will develop lots of parenting skills, some maybe more surprising than others. 

One mum has recently shared a video on social media which has since gone viral. 

Indy Lamble, who posts on TikTok as @indy._xo, revealed how her partner can’t hold their baby in the same way that she can.

The mum said that she'd seen another parent say that dads can't hold their babies in the same way mums can and thought she'd put it to the test.

She proceeded to get her partner in on the action to check whether it was the case.


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Indy now finds the argument is true.

In the clip, Indy is shown holding her tiny baby on her hip with one arm with ease.

Indy says: "So I saw some mum on TikTok say that dads can't hold the babies like this."

She then tests it out on her partner who appears on screen.

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Indy asked him to hold their baby on his hip "just how I would".

He looked positively baffled at the request, and began to move their child around until it sat near his hip. He said: "Like this?"

He was holding the baby in a similar way, but with two hands rather than one, like Indy showed.

She found it hilarious and asked him whether he would walk around like that, and he said no, before demonstrating a way he found it more comfortable to hold their daughter.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts.

Some joked saying that men can't push their hips out enough.

One woman said: "They can't do the stance to push out the hip, bless them."

Another commented: "I realised this with my husband because he’s always saying his arm hurts so quick and I’m like why aren’t you using your hip then? And he was like.

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Someone else wrote: "Okay wait. I never noticed but now that I think of it, my husband has never once held either of my children on his hip…"

Another mum said: "Omggg I thought it was only my husband. I always tell him to hold her properly".

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