People are only just realising why it's impossible to melt a Cadbury Flake… and it's blowing their minds | The Sun

PEOPLE are only just realising why it’s impossible to melt a Cadbury Flake – and it has blown their minds. 

Chocoholics have been left dumbfounded trying to melt the iconic bars over a stove or in the microwave. 

But it turns out Flakes refuse to melt into a pool of hot and creamy chocolate.

One anonymous person took to Tik Tok “daring” others to conduct the experiment themselves.

When they realised it was a pointless feat, the truth came out.

Cadbury Flakes don’t melt because they’re made out of dehydrated chocolate. 

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This means when under heat, the sugar starts to burn – and thus harden – rather than melt. 

According to ScienceFocus, it’s down to the fact that the fat and cocoa solids in a Flake are different to normal milk chocolate.

The melting fat in a Flake isn't able to lubricate the cocoa particles to the point where they can flow.

A Cadbury spokesperson said: "The reason it's difficult to melt is because, for nearly a century, we have deliberately controlled the final manufacturing process.

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“It ensure the folds of the bar crumble in the mouth."

However, people noted that when you hold a Flake for too long, it melts in your hands.

This is because dehydrated chocolate is able to melt when some form of hydration is introduced – such as the oil from your fingers or saliva from your mouth. 

One chocoholic advised that adding a bit of butter or milk to a flake when trying to melt it in the microwave will do the trick.

Another added: “It melts in your hands because the oils rehydrate it. 

“Same with your mouth and saliva.”

According to the chocolatier: “The process for making the Flake is a closely guarded secret.

“No other chocolate manufacturer has ever managed to recreate it. 

“That's why no other chocolate bar can rival the delicate, crumbly texture of a Cadbury Flake.”

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Other chocolate lovers shared their failed experiments with melting Flakes.

Many weighed in that the bar had burnt their pan, while others recalled the chocolate bar going up in flames.

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