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WHETHER taking inspiration from products or copying Elon Musk with a series of symbols, baby names have become increasingly eccentric nowadays.

However, what happens if a baby name seems fine on paper but leads to an inevitable R-rated slip of the tongue?

A Reddit user shared a Facebook post that mentioned a very unique baby name.

The expectant mother posted a picture of herself and two young children, and captioned it "preparing for Claxton Crit to join the family."

Reddit users were quick to roast the name that sounds dangerously close to a private part of the female anatomy.

"Be really careful to not say cl*t, I guess," commented one reader.

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Another person said: "I’d be accidentally saying Craxton Cl*t like a moron."

Some Reddit commenters pointed out the unfortunate time the Craxton would have once he reached school-age.

"My middle name is Virginia, and in elementary school the boys would always say v*gina. It'll happen, often," said one user.

Another person wrote: " Oh, that boy is gonna be bullied throughout all of high school."

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"I shudder to think what the girls’ names are," one reader said.

Another user commented: "That sounds like a new STD."

"Craxton no-middle-name, because he'll never find it," joked another reader.

Other users pointed out that even without the sexual innuendo, the name still had its flaws.

"It sounds like a cat coughing up a furball," said one reader.

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Another person commented: "I only see 'crit' as short for 'criticism.' In academics like 'Lit Crit' for literary criticism."

One user suggested the boy could be nicknamed "Claxton Critter."


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