People said I couldn't build a house for under $50k, I proved them wrong with my shipping container but some aren't fans | The Sun

A PHOTOGRAPHER has built a beautiful house for under $50,000.

People told her she wouldn't be able to turn a shipping container into a home, but she proved them wrong.

Dr. Tomayia Colvin (@tomayia) found an alternative way to live because the bank wouldn't give her a loan, she said.

"They said I couldn't build a house for under $50,000," she captioned a video. "You can with a container house."

She documented the ups and downs of the home-build process on social media.

According to Tomayia, some of the process was delayed due to bad weather.

"The crew can't work in the rain," she said.

The content creator said at least three people are needed to build a container home: a welder, a skilled builder, and "a team."

Tomayaia garnered more than 2million views when she created a video after the walls and windows were installed.

However, not everyone in the comment section was supportive.

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"Bring that 50k to Ghana you can build a mansion," one person wrote.

"I could have built this one to 10,000 I'm just saying," another said.

"It’s possible I’m sure. I’m just not a skilled welder," Tomayaia answered.

"That's not a house that's a shipping container," another said.

A used 40-foot shipping container can cost from $1,750 to $3,500, according to Western Containers.

If the 40-foot container is new, it can cost between $4,500 and $7,900, the company wrote.

The difference in price is based on availability.

Tomayaia is far from the only person living alternatively.



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The market for container homes is expected to reach more than $73million by 2025, per Allied Market Research.

In 2017, it reached nearly $45million, according to the research.

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