Pete Davidson Modeled In Alexander Wang’s Runway Show In His Trademark Scumbro Look

Pete Davidson is a comedian, actor, and now a newly launched model. Pete Davidson modeled at Alexander Wang’s show, proving he has a very versatile resume. The Saturday Night Live cast member walked in Wang’s Collection1 2020 show at Rockefeller Center on May 31, along with seasoned models like Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber.

Wang’s show was an homage to the fashion pioneers of the ’90s who paved the way for today’s generation of American designers. Specifically, Wang honored Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. Each act of the show was earmarked for each designer, and Wang’s newest collection drew inspiration from each label’s aesthetic.

Everything about the show tipped its hat to New York’s iconic American aesthetic. For example, Wang opened the runway show to the public, inviting real New Yorkers to watch the catwalk from the Rockefeller Center’s upper plaza. It was also the first time that the Rockefeller Center held a fashion show, and Wang chose that venue for a specific reason. “As an American brand that is rooted in New York, Rockefeller Center represented the energy and the epicenter of New York City,” an Alexander Wang spokesperson told WWD. Interestingly enough, Rockefeller Center happens to be the place where SNL airs.

Seeing how Wang’s runway show was full of the unexpected, seeing Davidson walk down the catwalk was just another bonus. According to Vogue, Davidson walked during the Calvin Klein act of the show. The comedian "stood in for Marky Mark, and did a rather irresistible job of it," Vogue reported.

When Davidson stepped out, the crowd exploded into cheers. He wore a simple black backwards cap, and a white tank top that showed off his tattoo sleeves. Davidson also wore black-and-white color blocked jeans, where one leg was leather and the other was acid washed. This was topped off with sporty belt printed with Wang’s name.

The Klein section of the show had a definite ’90s flair to it, symbolizing Klein’s minimalist aesthetic in the grunge era. There were plenty of lingerie camisoles, ribbed tank tops, and bleached denim during that portion, which Davidson perfectly captured with his own look.

Casting Davidson in one of Wang’s shows was apparently a long time coming. “I’ve always wanted to work with him,” Wang told The Cut. “For this collection, I was like, ‘Hey, Pete. Would you want to walk?’ And he literally responded immediately like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ The whole time I thought he was going to chicken out and get too nervous and not want to do it, but he was such a sport and he killed it.”

Since Wang was honoring the holy trinity of American designers, he decided to bring a heavy New York theme to the runway show.

"We’re so honored to be here at Rockefeller Center," Wang said in an Instagram livestream. "I love New York. It is my home. I feel so proud to be based here. It’s such an incredible city." Davidson is also a native New Yorker, so his presence on the runway added a little more authenticity.

To stick to the all-American theme, there was also a greeter dressed as Lady Liberty at the front of the venue. Street food and soft pretzels were also hawked at the show, and pedicabs were parked outside, waiting to take people home.

This was Davidson’s first runway debut, and only time will tell if he will become a regular on the catwalk. He definitely killed it on his first try.

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