Princess Annes engagement ring vastly different from the Queens – except one key feature

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Princess Anne received a sapphire engagement ring from both her current husband Timothy Lawrence, and her previous husband, Mark Phillips.

The Princess Royal is not one to always adhere to style traditions, and has an extremely iconic personal style.

Thus, unsurprisingly, she boasts a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring as opposed to a classic diamond, like her mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Maxwell Stone, creative director of Steven Stone, told “The ring is beautiful, featuring a 3ct oval-cut cabochon sapphire framed by clusters of three small diamonds.

The sapphire is framed by a cluster of three small diamonds on either side.

The expert continued: “On today’s market a ring like this would be worth around £25,000.”

The jewellery expert suggested that because Princess Anne received not one but two sapphire engagement rings, she must have a particular affiliation with this gemstone.

Traditional engagement rings typically feature diamonds, such as the ones that sit on the Queen’s, Zara Tindall’s, Princess Beatrice’s and Meghan Markle’s fingers.

However, sapphire is still a style staple within the UK Royal Family.


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Maxwell continued: “Princess Diana also famously had a blue sapphire ring, which is now in the hands of Kate Middleton, while the Queen is frequently seen sporting the gemstone on her famous brooches.”

But when it comes to engagement rings, Princess Anne did not take after her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, aside from one key feature.

Maxwell described HRH’s engagement ring from Prince Philip as “breathtaking”.

While Princess Anne’s sparkler features a 3ct sapphire, the Queen’s is a 3ct round solitaire diamond.

This is flanked by five smaller stones set on each shoulder.

“It is thought that Prince Phillip designed the ring himself, with jewellers at Phillip Antrobus and co, using diamonds from his mother’s tiara, which gives it a splash of added sentiment.”

The sentimentality of royal engagement rings is a recurrent theme; Kate Middleton wears Princess Diana’s engagement ring, and Meghan Markle’s sparkler contains two diamonds from her mother-in-law’s personal collection.

As for the monetary worth of the Queen’s, it is no shock that the jewel is incredibly valuable.

Maxwell estimated that it is worth an eye-watering £207,000 today.

“However, this is likely to increase overtime, thanks to the remarkable royal who wears it.”

While Princess Anne’s ring does not bear much resemblance to the Queen’s, there is one feature that bonds the mother and daughter – the ring itself.

“The ring is made from a nugget of Welsh gold from the Clogau St David’s mine, near Dolgellau.

“The same nugget has also been used to make Princess Anne, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s rings.”

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