Princess Kate may wear diadem with Russian links to Coronation

King Charles’s Coronation celebrations are only a week away, and royal fans cannot wait to see what Princess Kate will wear to the highly anticipated event.

One jeweller with ties to the Royal Family has used his expertise to predict the tiara that Kate will wear in order to keep up with long-standing royal tradition.

Ben Roberts is the managing director of Clogau, an old Welsh company that has locally mined the gold found in many of the Royal Family’s jewellery, such as the wedding ring of Queen Elizabeth.

Mr Roberts said he believes Princess Kate will wear Queen Elizabeth’s tiara in a sweet tribute to the late monarch.

He said: “Some royal jewellery we predict to see glittering at Westminster Abbey is the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara, which was one of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite pieces.”

Mr. Roberts added: “This dazzling tiara is a symbolic piece that could be worn beautifully by Catherine, Princess of Wales, to mark her new, more senior title, as well as pay respects to the late Queen.”

However, this diamond and pearl tiara has a complicated history as it was smuggled during the Russian Revolution, as it was originally owned by the Romanov family.

It was first created in 1874 for Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, also known as Grand Duchess Vladimir, who was the aunt of the doomed last Emperor of Russia, Emperor, Nicholas I.

Grand Duchess Vladimir escaped St, Petersburg while wearing only a few “daytime jewels and strings of pearls” and left the rest of the Russian royal family’s jewels in a hidden vault in the Vladimir Palace.

During her exile, Duchess Vladimir revealed the secret location of the treasure, and British officer Bertie Stopford managed to sneak into Vladimir Palace and rescue the rest of the royal jewellery.

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Kate’s Coronation fashion clue

Duchess Vladimir was reunited with her family’s jewels once again but after her death, the remaining Romanovs had to sell their jewels in order to support themselves in exile.

Eventually, Duchess Vladimir’s tiara was bought by Queen Mary, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth, for £28,000 and has been part of the British Royal Family’s jewellery collection ever since.

The historic tiara was worn by Queen Elizabeth throughout her reign and has been worn by all of Britain’s recent Queen, which would make it a fitting choice for Kate as the future Queen.

Mr. Roberts said: “At such a prestigious event, attendees and members of the royal family will be carefully selecting the very best of their jewellery collections to show off their sparkles, whilst ensuring they keep within the dress code and royal tradition.”

However, Mr Roberts believes Kate will also be paying tribute to Princess Diana at the Coronation.

In a recent interview, Kate revealed she will be wearing “a hint of blue” in her Coronation dress, and Mr Roberts believes this means the “ever respectful” Princess will add “Princess Diana’s famed sapphire suite” to her Coronation outfit.

He said: “Princess Catherine knows exactly how to add sparkle to her royal outfits with some of the royal family’s most iconic heirlooms and we expect to see several nods to honour Princess Diana.”

Princess Diana’s jewellery collection includes a diamond and sapphire pendant and earrings, which were designed to match her sapphire engagement ring that now belongs to Kate.

The collection also has its own complicated history, as they were given to Princess Diana as a wedding present from the Saudi Royal Family in 1981.

However, no matter what Princess Kate wears, Mr Roberts has said will be looking forward to seeing some of the Royal Family’s most iconic jewels.

He said: “Myself and the team at Clogau will be glued to our screens on May 6th to catch a glimpse of the incredible pieces that the royals will wear.”

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