Professional cleaner reveals the hidden part that’s making your toilet smell & how to sort it

THOUGHT you were an expert at cleaning your toilet? You might want to take a closer look, as one professional cleaner has revealed the hidden area you're probably missing.

TikTok user @thebigcleanco, a professional cleaner in Australia, shared a how-to video when it comes to deep cleaning your loo and the problem area that is likely to be making it smell.

It's hidden away and not easily accessible to clean, meaning there's a reason why your toilet probably still smells a little funky even after you've given it a scrub.

The expert explains in her video, that has been watched more than 700k times: "Here's how a professional deep cleans the toilet.

"If you have little boys in the house or even big boys and your toilet always smells like a urinal (even after you clean it) this one is for you."

The secret is unscrewing your toilet seat to reveal what's underneath.

Taking off each screw – so they can be disinfected – the pro cleaner then revealed how much dirt builds up underneath.

"See why it smells so bad," she teased. "Yes, that is what you think it is."

The hidden area can then be tackled with your usual cleaning supplies to ensure every inch of your toilet both on the seat and underneath is given the TLC it needs to keep it fresh.

Thousands of people liked her post and hundreds commented, with most shocked at just how much dirt can get overlooked in that hidden spot.

"Ugh, I'm scared to at my toilet now," commented one person.

Another said: "HOW DOES IT EVEN GET THERE?!"

A third wrote: "Omg what is this toilet!!!?!?!?!"

Willing to give it a go, one fed-up mum posted: "I've cleaned the kids' bathroom so many times getting annoyed at the smell. I'm now off to do this see if it helps."

One woman said: "I sent this to my hubby and now he's gagging in the bathroom while cleaning it."

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