Queen Elizabeth news – Prince William in SHOCK at disastrous Caribbean tour that could change Royal Family forever

PRINCE William reportedly held crisis talks with his aides after he was left shocked by protests that blighted his Caribbean royal tour.

The Duke told advisors he wished to have his own voice and confront issues of slavery reparations and anti-monarchist sentiment.

Ending their trip to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas at the weekend, the future king acknowledged the monarchy's days in those nations may be numbered as he stated the future "is for the people to decide upon".

In a statement reflecting on the tour, William also emphasised who the Commonwealth chooses to be its leader "isn't what is on my mind", but what concerned him was its potential to "create a better future for the people who form it".

He stressed that he and his wife Kate were "committed to service" and saw their role as supporting people, "not telling them what to do".

A number of newspaper reports on Monday carried comments from sources suggesting William had been doing a lot of thinking about how long-held Royal protocols can be modernised when he ascends the throne.

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    William & Kate ‘severely damaged’ after Caribbean tour

    A royal expert has claimed that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have been left “severely damaged” following a “series of PR disasters” during their Caribbean tour.

    Royal journalist Russell Myers said: “After spending the week on the Royal Tour Caribbean I believe some serious questions will need to asked of not just how this tour was able to fall into so many pitfalls, but how royal tours are planned and executed in future.

    “There have been good parts, e.g. today in The Bahamas was a success despite having to rely on an old faithful of a royal walkabout.

    “But a series of PR disasters that should have been seen a mile off has left the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s reputation severely wounded.”

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    Queen’s £62,000 golf buggy to help her get around

    THE Queen has taken delivery of a £62,000 golf buggy to help her get around.

    The gizmo-packed four-seater comes with all-weather covers, fridge and infotainment screen.

    Her Majesty, 95, got it two weeks ago and aides have already taken her for a spin in her private Windsor Castle grounds.

    A source said: “The cart arrived in the last fortnight. She and her aides have already used it.

    “Last week she took the dogs out in it for a tour around the private grounds.

    “Her Majesty is struggling with stiffness in her legs, so the cart is a perfect solution to getting her around. She’s been through a lot of physical battles recently with Covid and her back sprain, which would take its toll on anyone — let alone someone who turns 96 next month.”

    She has been seen using a walking stick for the last six months and has had a lift installed at Balmoral.

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    Clearing schedules

    The royals typically have a jam-packed schedule of royal engagements and services.

    However, Duncan added of the big day: “The Queen has only one rule when it comes to Mother’s Day – it’s all about the family. 

    “Ever since the birth of her first child Prince Charles, Her Majesty has faced the challenges of balancing the demands of her public with the needs of her children. 

    “On Mother’s Day each year, the Monarch traditionally leaves her diary empty to allow quality time with those closest to her. 

    “For most of her reign, the Queen’s children have each sent their mother a bouquet of flowers and handwritten notes.

    “This year Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward are expected to make an extra effort to deliver their flowers by hand to make up for last year’s lockdown.”  

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    Charles shares snap with the Queen

    Prince Charles shared a snap with the Queen on Instagram, and wrote: “On Mothering Sunday, we celebrate all the Mothers in our lives and are thinking of those who cannot be with their Mothers today.

    Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother passed away on March 30, 2002 at the age of 101.

    She died in her sleep at the Royal Lodge, Windsor Great Park, with her surviving daughter Queen Elizabeth II at her bedside.

    She’d been suffering from a persistent cold for the previous four months.

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    Prince Harry will cause ‘OUTRAGE’ if he attends Oscars after Prince Philip memorial snub

    PRINCE Harry could cause ‘outrage’ if he attends the Oscars after it was revealed he would not be attending Prince Philip’s memorial service.

    A royal commentator has claimed “there will be outrage” if Harry does attend the Oscars.

    Appearing on Australian morning show Sunrise, Angela Mollard said: “There’s a lot of talk it’s going to go ahead but can you really turn up and stand on the stage at the Oscars and not turn up for your grandfather’s memorial.

    “I’ve got a problem with that.

    “You do all the glory and handshaking with the celebrities but your own family.”

    The news comes as the petulant royal claimed he would feel “unsafe” after losing his personal security when he left for the US.

    Senior aides revealed that Her Majesty was informed of his snub a quarter of an hour before his statement about Prince Philip’s service was issued.

    It read: “The Duke will not be returning to the UK in late March, but hopes to visit his grandmother as soon as possible.”  

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    Queen might be forced to miss Phillip’s memorial

    THE QUEEN might be forced to miss Prince Phillip’s memorial service next week and the Monarch will decide last minute.

    Palace aides are working on plans which may include a helicopter, privacy screens to get the 95-year-old into Westminster Abbey.

    It has also been claimed that a wheelchair may be used, however these claims have not been substantiated by Buckingham Palace.

    Her Majesty missed the Commonwealth Day ceremony last week due to concerns about her “comfort”.

    The Queen was pictured using a walking stick at Windsor Castle, Berks, on Wednesday while viewing enamelware by Halcyon Days.

    Prince Philip’s funeral was scaled down last April due to Covid rules.

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    Royal family latest news

    • Kate has been reunited with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis today after flying back from The Bahamas with Prince William. 
    • Prince William told the Commonwealth on Friday it can decide its future after his Caribbean tour was marred by anti-royal protests.
    • Taking to Twitter, the Royal Family have written a heartwarming message to all celebrating Mother’s Day today.
    • The Queen has taken delivery of a £62,000 golf buggy to help her get around.

    Prince William beats Harry for ‘most attractive’ royal eyes

    Prince William, 39, and Prince Harry, 37, have topped the most attractive male celebrity lists for years. The two Princes’ eyes have been compared by eye experts at Lenstore.

    A spokesperson for Lenstore told Express.co.uk: “Prince William is revealed to have the third most attractive eyes among males in the public eye.

    “This is according to the UK public.

    “Nearly one in 10 (nine percent) of respondents in Lenstore’s survey found Prince William’s eyes the most attractive.

    “This is out of the numerous options of influential personalities presented to them,” the expert claimed.

    “Prince William has bright blue eyes.

    “21 percent of respondents in Lenstore’s survey revealed they find blue eyes the most attractive.

    “So perhaps it’s not so surprising that Prince William’s eyes top the list for most attractive male celebrity eyes.

    “This is despite just 4 percent voting him as the most attractive male celebrity overall.

    “When asked what characteristics each set of eyes indicated to the respondent, Prince William’s eyes correlated most with ‘humble’ (9.7 percent), ‘caring’ (11 percent) and also ‘sad’ (13.85 percent).”

    Kate’s Mother’s Day wishes

    Kate has been reunited with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis today after flying back from The Bahamas with Prince William. 

    The royals shared their journey with the reporters who followed them throughout the tour. 

    One reporter shared that Kate wished all the people on the plane a happy Mother’s Day before heading off and meeting her children.

    Ms English tweeted: “The Duchess wished us all a Happy Mother’s Day on the flight, so I hope you all have a good one too”. 

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      What is Mother’s Day like for the Cambridges?

      Mothering Sunday for the Cambridges often involves messy cake-baking sessions, homemade cards and also paying tribute to Diana.

      In 2020, royal fans got a sneak peek at the card George had made for his mum, with the adorable DIY creation featuring a jar of flowers, with 3D stuck-on petals and a vase.

      Last year, George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis baked Kate an amazing cake for Mother’s Day.

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      How Kate Middleton will celebrate Mother’s Day 

      The Duchess of Cambridge has finished her tour in the Bahamas with Prince William, and so will be able to celebrate the special day with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

      Usually Kate Middleton acknowledges the day on Twitter and Instagram, wishing her followers a happy Mother’s Day.

      Privately, the day will be spent at Kensington Palace.

      George, eight, Charlotte, six, and Louis, three – with the help of Prince William and their nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo – will most likely have something special planned for Kate.

      Last year, the couple posted a photo of a Victoria Sponge cake that the kids had made for the Duchess. They hand-decorated it with buttercream icing, and added sprinkles and colourful pipe cleaners shaped into hearts.

      We can’t wait to see what they’ve made for her this year!

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      William has told the Commonwealth ‘it can decide its future’

      PRINCE William told the Commonwealth on Friday it can decide its future after his Caribbean tour was marred by anti-royal protests.

      In his statement, William said: “Foreign tours are an opportunity to reflect. You learn so much.

      “What is on the minds of Prime Ministers. The hopes and ambitions of school children. The day-to-day challenges faced by families and communities.

      “I know that this tour has brought into even sharper focus questions about the past and the future.

      “In Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas, that future is for the people to decide upon.

      “But we have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with communities in all three countries, understanding more about the issues that matter most to them.

      “Catherine and I are committed to service. For us that’s not telling people what to do.

      “It is about serving and supporting them in whatever way they think best, by using the platform we are lucky to have.

      “It is why tours such as this reaffirm our desire to serve the people of the Commonwealth and to listen to communities around the world.

      “Who the Commonwealth chooses to lead its family in the future isn’t what is on my mind.

      “What matters to us is the potential the Commonwealth family has to create a better future for the people who form it, and our commitment to serve and support as best we can.”

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      Prince Edward ‘should have received patronage’ given to Camilla

      Prince Edward should have been appointed the patron of the National Theatre, according to a royal watcher.

      The co-host of the Royally Obsessed podcast, Roberta Fiorito, said: “I feel like it should have gone to Prince Edward.

      “He left the Royal Marines for a career in theatre.

      “He left it because he was unsure that that was his life calling and he actually did do a lot with the theatre community — he was an amateur actor for a lot of his life.”

      Ms Fiorito also suggested that this move may be a sign of Prince Charles’s plan for a slimmed down monarchy – which is already being put in motion.

      She said: “There’s also this talk, probably just rumours, about him not getting the Duke of Edinburgh title when Charles becomes king, that he might not give it to him, so it feels like Charles is already slimming down the monarchy.”

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      Royal Family celebrate Mother’s Day

      Taking to Twitter, the Royal Family yesterday wrote a heartwarming message to all celebrating Mother’s Day today.

      “Wishing all those celebrating today a very special Mothering Sunday,” the post reads with an emoji of a tulip.

      Below the tweet is a photo of HM The Queen Mother and TRH the Princesses Elizabeth.

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